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Achille, Oklahoma's Burney Crenshaw previously terrorized a 12-yr-old trans girl, now he's attacked a gay man. Will police do anything this time?

David Northcutt and the sociopath Burney Crenshaw

UPDATE 03/04/2019: The attack on David Northcutt in Achille, Oklahoma by suspect Burney Crenshaw is now being treated as a hate crime and the FBI have taken over the investigation. Crenshaw has gone on the run and is being sought in both Oklahoma and in Texas as part of the investigation. He is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Sociopath Burney Crenshaw is the suspect in yet ANOTHER hate crime coming out of Achille, Oklahoma - a town that hires known neo-Nazis on their police force, and who will not protect its LGBTQ+ citizens.

Although law enforcement is now looking for Crenshaw in the hate crime, there's little hope that after their refusal to protect a pre-teen girl, that they'll make this crime a priority.

For those wanting to see Crenshaw prosecuted for his crimes, the Bryan County district attorney Emily Redman can be reached at (580) 924-4032

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office can be reached at 580-924-3000.

In late October, when being interviewed for a news story about the arrest of the town mayor David Northcutt on drug charges, who is the victim in this latest report, an unidentified man in a news story was in fact Burnie Crenshaw.

This is not our first story on Crenshaw or his wife and homophobic running buddies. Starting back in August we reported he and his gang were behind threats to a little girl.

It's a crime that Bryan County officials refused to prosecute - negligently leaving the unstable predator Crenshaw to commit another violent act of hate towards an LGBTQ person.

That report is below. Be aware that Maddie and her family were able to move away from Oklahoma after LGBTQs and allies raised a generous amount for their expenses on GoFundMe.

VICE later did their own story on this, as well as numerous news outlets around the world, such as the New York Times.

The Unstoppable Maddie. We told her
story and she has a special place
within our hearts.
(Hate Trackers August 10, 2018) A growing call to do physical harm to a 12-year-old transgender girl has residents near Achille, Oklahoma and their families conspiring to harm the child. A series of screenshots captured by concerned citizens shows adults engaging in a discussion that amounts to an actual criminal conspiracy to have other school children bully and assault the transgender child until she’s too afraid to return to school.

On Friday, August 10, 2018, an emergency protective order was filed against Burney Crenshaw in Bryan County Court by the mother of the transgender child. Crenshaw appears to be heading the group of adults trying to do harm to this child.

Achille, Oklahoma is near the Texas border in Bryan County. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 492. The school district there consists of the Achille Elementary School and Achille High School.

Jamie Crenshaw began colluding the hate crime by posting a warning in the Achille ISD Parent Group on Facebook. She dehumanized the child by saying, “Heads up parents of 5th thru 7th grade girls. The transgender is already using the girls bathroom. We have been told how the school has gone above and beyond to make sure he has his own restroom yet he is still using the girls. REALLY….looks like it’s gonna be a long year. We have made school board meetings over this situation last year but nothing seems to be changing. This is the same kid that got an trouble as soon as he transferred two years ago for looking over the stalls in the girls bathroom. Enough is enough. – with Burney Crenshaw.” [All spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are Jaime Crenshaw’s.]

Some of the social media posts attacking Maddie

Jamie Ann Standifer Crenshaw, age 37, of Colbert, OK – a nearby town in which the transgender child is attending school, is married to Burney Crenshaw, the subject of the protective order.

Burney Clyde Crenshaw, age 43, also of Colbert, is a former president of the Texoma Junior Rodeo Association. In 2006 he was convicted of domestic abuse in Bryan County after pleading no contest. After he served a deferred sentence the charge was dismissed.

The Crenshaws own Crenshaw Chemical & Fertilizer located at 1969 Eastman Rd - Hwy 91, Colbert, Oklahoma 74733. It's 1 1/2 miles west of Achille. Their phone numbers are (580) 434-2432 and (580) 283-3153.

There are no records found where Burney Crenshaw has assaulted or threatened a man, so it would appear he only has enough "courage" in him to beat women and threaten children. 

Note: Records also show the Crenshaws as being residents of Achille, Oklahoma. However, USDA farm subsidy information for Burney Clyde Crenshaw shows him receiving $198,524.00 from 2014 – 2016 at the Colbert address. The towns are less than eight miles apart. 

Eddie Belcher, age 79 of Broken Arrow, said, “If he wants to be a female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick."

Edward W. Belcher is a white supremacist supporter of the Confederacy.


Kevin Lee Bickerstaff, age 58 of Ada, suggested, “Just tell the kids to kick ass in the bathroom and it won’t want to come back!”

Bickerstaff is a pilot for Frontier Airlines. He is married to Lajuan “Lou” Gayle Koehn Pachner Bickerstaff, age 46. Both Bickerstaffs have been sued in civil court for non-payment of debts and are involved in the Mid-South Youth Rodeo Cowboys Association of Oklahoma.

The Frontier Airlines corporate office can be reached at (720) 374-4200.

Bickerstaff is also a member of the Texoma Junior Rodeo Association, whose former president is Burney Crenshaw.

Seth Cooper said, “Let Parker [son of Burney and Jaime Crenshaw] whip his ass until he quits coming to school.”

Waylon Lott responded, “I let the queer teacher get me worked up! This is even worse! Lol”

Cooper then replied, “Lmao, both cases are BS, neither one of them should be allowed near th[sic] school.”

Cooper is married to Shelby Cooper, age 63. The couple own Cooper Ranch and Trucking LLC at 1522 Hwy 199E in Madill, OK. Their business number is (580) 677-0107 with an email address of


Waylon Noel Lott, age 34, resides with his wife Amanda Ruth Cornelison Lott, age 35, at 5228 Lott Lane in Madill, OK. Lott has had to draw $33,581.00 in federal livestock subsiddies since 2014.

Jay Standifer added to the thread, “Seth Shelbie Cooper sounds like we are going to have to get a case of beer and a big ass fan to get him and his dad smoked off Bernie Crenshaw.” [The Bernie Crenshaw was referencing another member of the group - Burney Crenshaw, so the sentence should correctly end with “smoked off”.]

Jay W. Standifer, age 45, is the ranch manager at Buckhorn Creek Ranch located at 6300 Highway 177 S, Sulphur, and resides at 2932 Standifer Rd Sulphur with his wife Karen Duck Franks Standifer, age 40.

He has a 1998 felony conviction in Murray County for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was charged with unlawful hunting by the Oklahoma Wildlife Department. He’s also had a protective order filed on him by a woman and had to be forced by the courts to pay child support.

Karen Standifer is a girl’s junior high coach at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf in Sulphur.


Gina Segraves refers to the child as "thing" in one post, while clearly not having seen herself in a mirror lately. In the intro area to her Facebook, Segraves refers to herself as a "bitch".

Gina Marie Davey Segraves, age 52, who lives 6 3/4 miles east of Catfish King on Hwy 3 near Idabel, is quite the deadbeat having racked up nearly a dozen civil suits against her in recent years.


The Bible-thumping Eddie Alford McCroskey II, age 43, of 35136 Pleasant Valley Rd in Wister, OK has a felony record that includes child abuse by injury, transporting a loaded firearm, and possession of a firearm while under supervision. The divorced man is currently engaged to Melissa Lycklama of Broken Bow. It will be the Bible quoter’s third marriage in eight years.

McCroskey also uses P.O. Box 785, Poteau, OK 74593 and Melissa's cabin address at Blue 3 Trail #1244 in Broken Bow.


Ty Andrew Hays, who refers to the child as a maggot, has a criminal record for assault and battery in the presence of a minor in Custer County. Hays, age 42, resides in McLean, Texas and is married to Lacey Hays. Hays, who is native to Weatherford, OK, has had protective orders filed against him by a former wife. He currently has an outstanding warrant in Blaine County for failure to have insurance.

Jamie Dayle Blanchett, age 44 of 902 NE Rushwood Drive in Stigler, OK, owns Blanchett Welding and Metal Art. The phone number there is (918) 448-0368.


Susan Rogers Leonard, age 54, of Broken Bow has shared a cruel meme with Burney Crenshaw promoting violence towards transgender people. She and her former spouse Tommy Leonard enjoy exchanging protective orders against each other.

Leonard subsists off the largesse of family members and taxpayers, while giving a go at becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Jacky Billy Upton, age 35 of Stigler, shared with Jamie Blanchett a meme implying that, if you went into the wrong bathroom, you'd need to use the handicapped stall.

The two statements “Let Parker whip his ass until he quits coming to school.” and “Just tell the kids to kick ass in the bathroom and it won’t want to come back!” would be considered a criminal conspiracy to harm the 12-year-old girl and participants could face felony hate crime charges.

Almost all the involved parties have connections to the youth rodeo circuit.

The Achille ISD Parents Group is a closed group. A member leaked the postings cited to the public. Sandra Simmons and Kara Bird run the group, but it's not been shown that they've any involvement in the conspiracy to commit a hate crime.

A description of the group provides the disclaimer, "This group page only exists as a sounding board for the community. The views expressed on this page are not necessarily the views of the administrators. We do not condone or endorse any forms of violence, degradation or bullying of anyone."

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