Sunday, March 17, 2019

Oklahoma Bar board member, KFOR television analyst has history of violent threats and vicious gay slurs

A little background: On December 17, 2019, Hate Trackers made a post on Facebook about a new Ku Klux Klan building going up at the Knights Party headquarters in Arkansas and linked to our article about it.

An Oklahoma City attorney named David McKenzie became unhinged over it.

He began a vicious onslaught of violent threats, insults, and gay slurs even after it was explained there was no promotion of the KKK, just a report on their activities, which he could read himself.

As a reader you already know this, but Hate Trackers' purpose is to expose and take down groups like the Ku Klux Klan. We don't promote them or Donald Trump in any manner.

McKensie, however, refused to understand the situation and his posts, which include criminal threats, can speak for themselves.


After being made aware of his Facebook posts, the Oklahoma ACLU removed McKenzie from their board of directors that same day. Whatever his state of mind during this exchange does not excuse him from being man enough to accept responsibility and retract his criminal threats against our staff member and apologize for spewing gay slurs.

McKenzie is on the Oklahoma Bar Association's Board of Governors overseeing attorneys in the state and acts as a legal analyst for the local NBC affiliate KFOR. He works for the Mulinix, Goerke & Meyer law firm

McKenzie's Linkedin claims, "I am a jury trial attorney admitted to practice law in Oklahoma in October 1988. I am admitted in the United States District Courts for the Western, Eastern and Northern Districts of Oklahoma, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, the Tenth Circuit United States Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. I have practiced law in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and California. I have tried more than 250 criminal jury trials (including approximately 50 murder cases) and 6 civil jury trials. I teach continuing legal education courses for the Oklahoma Bar Association, the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in the areas of Constitutional Law, Voir Dire, Cross-examination, Cross-examination of medical experts, legal ethics, the Oklahoma Evidence Code, witness preparation, Opening Statements and Trial Practice and have done so for the past 17 years. In 2009, I invented the concept of a mock trial using "Clarence Darrow Award" recipients (given annually each year by the Oklahoma Criminal Lawyers association to the outstanding criminal jury trial lawyer in Oklahoma) in cooperation with the Oklahoma Bar Association. I am a frequent lecturer at area colleges and universities in the area of criminal law and justice. I have been AV Preeminent rated by Martindale Hubbell for 26 years and have never had less than an AV Preeminent rating. I was named a Super Lawyer in 2008 in the area of criminal defense. In June 2013, I was named a top lawyer in both Criminal Law and Appellate Practice by Martindale Hubbell. I am an on-camera legal analyst for KFOR television in Oklahoma City appearing both live and via video. I have argued before the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. In May 2015, I became an adjunct professor of law at the Oklahoma City University School of Law teaching Trial Practice."

Hate Trackers has attempted numerous times to get David McKenzie to address these matters, but he has ignored them. We'll be seeking his disbarment, removal from the Oklahoma Bar Association's Board of Governors, and taking additional measures as well, which may include pursuing a criminal charge for his threats.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Brave Jewish woman holds her ground against cowardly Nazi Billy Roper's anti-Semitism

Billy Roper: Not quite the master race most people envision

After University of Arkansas professor Dr. Gwynne Gertz, a Jewish woman, attempted to engage Nazi Billy Roper with ShieldWall Network in a dialogue about why he hates Jews, the fascist devolved into an immature string of anti-Semitic insults.

This occurred after the Hiwaymen's failed rally in Little Rock on March 9, 2019.

Ratzi Roper has spent his entire adult life trying to recruit an army of Nazis to create a white homeland.

After almost thirty years his results are pretty crappy: He has about ten Nazis on a rotating basis; he doesn't own a homeland much less a home and is reduced to living in a dead relative's house; he can't find a real publisher for his long rants, so self-publishes on CreateSpace; and he has to live off the largess of the child support that his wife receives from a previous marriage.

During last Saturday's failed rally at the Arkansas State Capitol, Roper found himself either ignored or ridiculed by the press

Creepy Scientology call targeting underage girls on social media, telling them not to let adults know about it

A strange call coming from what is purported to be Scientologists is creeping out teenage girls in Tulsa.

The recording is being posted on Facebook with the message "*LISTEN TIL THE END* Ok guys a girl from a group im in says her sister got this voice mail from a strange number. I clicked on it being curious and it turns out THIS IS IN TULSA. Kind of freaky... everyone please listen to this and listen til the end. It will give you full body chills. & The authorities have been contacted but everyone ESPECIALLY YOU GIRLS **STAY SAFE**"

We're withholding the poster's name for their privacy.

Take a listen.

This is a developing story and we're working on obtaining additional details.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Little Rock's Pissant Rally: Antifa, Nazis, and weather overcome puny Hiwaymen calamity

Awww, methy Nazi Billy Roper of the ShieldWall Network has been triggered.
My tribe doesn't burn wagons, but we have been known to collect Nazi scalps.

After weeks of chest thumping about their huge Making Arkansas Great Again rally, the March 9th event was a dud. Less than twenty showed up to stand on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol with Billy Sessions prancing, cussing, and belly bullying from a safe distance.

The embryonic Hiwaymen crew had a barricade, police, and the ShieldWall Nazis separating them from the much larger crowd of antiracists and civilians there to defend women's rights.

It was such nonstarter that local news stations decided it wasn't worth covering and aborted assignments. However, a couple of rain showers and storms did visit, leaving the Hiwaymen all wet and muddled.

Two Hiwaymen tried to blend in with antiracists
but they ended up fooling no one.
Followers were complaining on the Hiwaymen live stream chat that Sessions had misled them and instead of viewing a gun rights rally, it was the Billy Sessions Attention Hour.

Indeed, in lieu of filming their speakers Sessions kept the camera on his face and bellowed above those who had traveled to speak at the rally.

The Hiwaymen behaved as if they were on a junior high school playground by screaming insults about mothers and wives.

At one point Kevin Holland referred to a group of black protesters as "n*ggers".

Not long after, Holland leaned across a barrier taunting an elderly woman to fight.

She motioned for him to bring it, but Holland backed away to safety.

James Del Brock, a Hiwaymen co-founder, disrespected our soldiers and veterans by walking around in the rain using an American flag as a cape. Clearly, he's never been introduced to the flag code much less learned respect for the men and women who have died flying the flag.

Surely, they didn't die so some backwoods hick could use the American flag as a raincoat.

No class
Sessions isn't any better, as during his Facebook live streams you can see behind him that an American flag has been attached to the wall with the Arkansas state and Confederate flags tacked up over it.

Granted the Hiwaymen aren't very educated and most are hillbillies, but one would think even they could learn the proper display and use of the flag of the United States of America.

What's next? Are they going to stomp on Old Glory or set it on fire? Those are the next logical steps in their repulsive, provincial behavior.

Rbt. E. Lee surrenders.
Note the only flag.
Those Confederates need reminded that the Union won the War of Southern Submission. The flag of their heritage is a white one of surrender. Winners get to raise flags and monuments. Losers are lucky to get Reconstruction.

Besides America, the hillbillies don't have much respect for their home state of Arkansas either.

The Hiwaymen exited the state capitol leaving scores of squashed cigarette butts on the steps of Arkansas' prestigious state capitol.

Then there was the massive costs incurred by the state and City of Little Rock in protecting the road pirates. Though misspelled, this was a case of Hiway robbery for the taxpaying citizens of Arkansas.

Trash is as trash does.

Plasma buddies and Hiwaymen Jason and Teraysa Lambel

Speaking of trash, let's get to Billy Roper and his Nazis.

The Hee Haw Nazis in the woods trying to scare squirrels.
It looks like somebody collected a cupla Nazi scalps. 

One hour after the Hiwaymen flubbed their rally, it was clear this was no longer their show.

The Nazis concentrated less on babysitting the Hiwaymen and began taunting antifa, while making anti-Semitic remarks, such as "Six million more" referring to the Holocaust. One Nazi even yelled ""Heather Heyer was a pretty big speed bump."

Heyer was murdered by Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. in 2016 at the Unite the Right in Charlottesville, Virginia.

There's no love between
Hiwaymen and Shieldwall.
The Nazis even have mascot
rat named William Helton -
Sessions' real name is that.
Both the Hiwaymen and Shieldwall were at that gathering engaging in menacing and physical assaults.

Fascist John Carollo was laying it on heavy on the bullhorn, forgetting about those past due child support payments he has back in Memphis. He now resides in Fort Smith, Arkansas where papers were served against him at his employer - Twin Rivers Foods.

Everyone I talked to were all in agreement Carollo had the most slappable face of the day. He was like an annoying little brother trying to impress the bigger boys.

Roper has appointed Carollo his new chief of staff for the ShieldWall Network. With his being brand new to the group, there's likely some feathers ruffled over the designation. 

It doesn't take much to outwit Billy Sessions, but Billy Roper and his ShieldWall played him and the Hiwayman like a second fiddle. They joined police with their backs to the yellow-shirted hillbillies making it appear they were there to protect the motley crew.

For their part, there was about a dozen Nazis, some with ShieldWall and a few coming in from out of state.

Roper was dressed in a cheap suit, as if he were trying to sell time shares, while the others wore camouflage pants and black shirts. Attendees included Roper's wife Tina, Julian Calfy - who was stopped from shooting up his school in 2012, Chris Quimby, Colton Williams, Chris Williams, Jason Whitley, Garon Archer, John (Johan) Carollo, and the Duttons - Kynan and Deborah.

The Duttons are known for their failed attempt at taking over Leith, North Dakota to turn it into a white homeland. That effort cost Kynan seven criminal charges. He racked up another charged last year, when at the Knoxville Pridefest he crept up behind a gay man, cold cocked him, and then ran away.

Cole Williams with cross to burn
After the rally, the Nazis gathered at the home of Julian and Courtney Calfy for a birthday celebration for deceased American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell.

The fascist party included the usual cross and swastika burnings.

At one point police arrived at the gathering to see who all the black-clad people burning large objects was about, but left soon after.

That left the low-end white nationalists to light up whatever pipe they had.

And now for some videos...

You can view more of the Nazi burning
videos on our PLAYLIST

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Nationalist Rally Updates: Fearful of Nazis and Antifa, the Hiwaymen crawl to Arkansas State Capitol Police seeking protection

For full coverage of the Hiwaymen and this rally we've a special report with all the articles included: THE HIWAYMEN: A DUMPSTER FIRE BURNING OUT


Weather: Little Rock has a 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms on Saturday.

James Del Brock with the Hiwaymen contacted the Arkansas Capitol Police Wednesday and begged them to protect his group Saturday from Nazis, Klan, Antifa, and probably the Girl Scouts.

The Hiwaymen appear pretty scared right now. They're worn out and breaking down under the stress of having their rally taken away from them by Billy Roper of ShieldWall Network and them not being able to defend themselves. So they have to have the cops protect them now after all those weeks of being keyboard warriors acting tough, while waving around axes, swords, and knives.

Their chest thumping didn't work. Thus, this has now become the first known nationalist rally where the permit holder has requested to be placed inside a fence under protective custody.

Del Brock also went off on a live stream accusing U.S. veterans with PTSD of being moochers just seeking hand outs from the government.

Current rally line up:

National Socialist Movement Nazis is in complete freefall after a black activist managed to gain legal control over the org. Cmdr Schoep resigned. Colucci new boss. Lots of deserters. Conclusion: Off the board. Won't be in LR.

Hiwaymen - Confederate group based in Arkansas now trying to move into anti-LGBTQ and pro-life and pro-gun areas. They hold the permit for the rally. So when it comes down to it they can have cops keep Nazis out of their group. They've been having a feud with ShieldWall. They'll be there.

ShieldWall - Nazi group in Arkansas run by Billy Roper. Wants some attention. Trying to run Saturday's Hiwaymen rally. That's causing lots of trouble. Roper needs his soldiers to prove themselves, as people have stopped taking ShieldWall very seriously the last year. Confirmed show.

Knights Party - KKK but close friends of Nazis Roper and Shieldwall. Also, based in Arkansas, but with members throughout the South. They've been invited and an associate of theirs has confirmed with me that they're coming. They've got lots of members all over, but it's doubtful most will turn up.

League of the South - Confederate and Klan group. I've a source telling me they're coming though not under the direction of Kynan Dutton, who just deserted from the Nazis at NSM. Dutton is not yet an official member of LofS.  He's a trouble maker. As for LoS, they've confirmed a presence. Large group but unsure how many are coming. Dutton and wife say they will certainly be there.

The Hiwaymen have no allies in this. They may be able to muster ten or fifteen backwoods blowhards for Saturday and neither the Klan or Nazis have any love or respect for them. With them now have to beg police for protection they're now getting jeered across social media.

It's going to be the Hiwaymen vs. Everyone Else come Saturday, including antifacist groups. They'll have to work closely with the police to be protected.

The Hiwaymen have been going under the name Confederate 901 lately, which has led to some now laughingly calling them Confederates Call 911.

Sessions and his boys are lightweights, who as a group are only two years old. They're bumping booties with groups that have been out there for years and are highly organized and trained. So there is some understanding of them being frightened right now.

The Hiwaymen have never actually accomplished a single thing other than getting chased off from various rallies and live streaming crybaby sessions about not having enough members, as they try to rescue America from socialists, LGBTQs, Satanists, et al and it's clear why even a low-end loudmouth like Billy Roper can have them shaking in their boots.

When it comes to these groups, the Hiwaymen are at the very bottom with the ShieldWall Network barely above them. Roper alone can't do much to the Hiwaymen. Thus, he had to go get the Klan and League to come help him. The Hiwaymen went and got the cops.

To make matters worse for the Hiwaymen, Roper has started making it clear he considers them a non-threat Saturday and is more concerned about antifa.

It's become a dumpster fire and hair-pulling contest that is rather hilarious to watch.

Grab the popcorn.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Video: Achille Oklahoma Police Dept with Neo-Nazi Cop invade home refusing to show warrant, while roughing up couple and toddler

Achille's neo-Nazi skinhead cop Bart Alsbrook

UPDATE 03/06/2019 The entire Achille Police Force has been suspended. More details to come.

There's big trouble in little Achille, Oklahoma.

The mayor has been indicted on drug charges. Homophobic thugs chased a preteen trans girl and her family out of town and police refused to make any arrests. When Hate Trackers reported on the trans incident we received threats from the Achille Police Department to drop the story or else. When a VICE crew showed up to film an interview with the trans girl they were stalked by police and warned they could be in danger. The town police chief hired a well-known neo-Nazi to prowl/patrol the city streets. The mayor was just a victim of a vicious gay hate crime that now has the FBI looking for the same man who terrorized the trans kid at her school dance, because Achille police can't be trusted to handle the job. Now on Monday, March 4, 2019 the tiny Oklahoma town police force with a skinhead cop decided to kick in a door, refused to produce a search warrant, and proceeded to terrorize a man, woman, and toddler.

The search warrant is now claimed to be about cops looking for guns and ammunition. Incredibly, the man being put in cuffs is an Achille city councilman named Billy Baker. It was his wife Ashley Baker who was the target of the SWAT-style action after it was reported to police that she had been seen putting a gun into her purse. She has a prison record, so Achille police went after the city councilman's wife. She was released from custody four hours later with no charges; just lots of questions. Her husband was uncuffed and released at the scene with no arrest after the police roughed him up.

There were no guns found in the Bakers' home. The Achille police justified the woman's arrest on the basis of a gun being found in a tenant's apartment that the Bakers own behind their own home. That normally requires a totally separate search warrant, as it's considered a different private residence and a gun found in the home of a tenant in their private residence would not result in a crime against Ashley Baker. Once the prosecutor realized that the Achille police had totally screwed things up, Ashley Baker was released from custody.

How is so much happening in a town with a whopping 492 people? Over the weekend the mayor was the victim of a gay hate crime by a sociopath that the Achille police refused to arrest, when he was stalking and threatening a twelve-year-old, and now they're roughing up a city councilman and waving around AR-15s with a four-year-old child present. On top of that, as mentioned, this little police department has built a reputation of threatening journalists trying to report on incidents there. Hate Trackers is searching for answers.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Confederates vs Nazis: Hiwaymen triggered that ShieldWall has hijacked their Little Rock rally and are slinging threats, Ratzis yell back "FU! We're in charge!"

Ahead of the nationalist rally at the Arkansas State Capitol this Saturday, March 9th, the Confederate Hiwaymen are feeling bullied by the stronger ShieldWall Network and its Nazi leader Billy Roper. Both groups are based in Arkansas.

James Del Brock, who co-founded the Hiwaymen with Billy Sessions, made that video yesterday. However, this morning Billy Roper averred loud and clear this was a Nazi rally, whether the Hiwaymen like it or not, and they'll be bringing back up from Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Ohio to supplement their fascist members in Arkansas.

That would leave the Hiwaymen substantially outnumbered unless two other Confederate groups said to be coming to the rally - the League of the South (LoS) and the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan - round up even more Confederates to combat the Nazis.

Without the Klan coming to their rescue, the Hiwaymen are writing checks their asses can't cash right now.

Normally, we see Billy Roper and Billy Sessions trying to beg for the most attention and be the alpha leader among the Arkansas organizations, as each have massive - though undeserved - egos.

Del Brock making the threats is a little bit new, as lately he's been more concerned about Satan, pedophiles, and people having anal sex on Main Street.

Sessions' behavior continues to cause
concern among his friends.
Billy Sessions, whose real name is Billy Helton, has appeared beaten down all week in his Facebook live streams and may not be up to any fights right now, forcing Del Brock to step in.

Further evidencing Sessions' fatigue and fear is he's spent all week coming out on video with an array of weapons in a desperate attempt to intimidate his enemies.

Sessions' belly bullying has been quite laughable, as he runs around his trailer house in lounge pants brandishing hatchets and swords trying to appear bad, while his live-in housepig Jonathan Addison looks on like a fanboy.

Looking even more ridiculous than Billy Sessions in the slap fest
is Nazi leader Billy Roper, who has been broadcasting from what
appears to be a little girl's bedroom. Whatever it is it just lacks a
certain Nazi fascist
je ne sais quoi.

Saturday's state capitol rally has also poised other Confederates and Nazis as enemies. Besides the Hiwaymen/ShieldWall feud, the League of the South has threatened away the neo-Nazis at the fractured National Socialist Movement (NSM).

Former NSM member Kynan Dutton, who this week deserted the NSM and defected to the League of the South, has warned the NSM and their new leader Nazi Commander Burt Colucci to stay away or they'll get a beat down.

Former comrades Colucci and Dutton have been taking pot shots
at each other, as the National Socialist Movement fails.
Former NSM members are already on the attack.
Trash gotta talk like trash, huh?

Colucci knows the NSM is severely diminished at this point and he doesn't have the manpower to go against the League, so is keeping himself and neo-Nazis far away, while trying to play things off as if they're needed more now in Virginia and how Little Rock isn't worth their time.

Commander Colucci is fooling no one, as he keeps coming off looking like a traitorous punk to other white nationalists. He's clearly afraid to encounter the LofS at this point. For that reason Hate Trackers is taking Colucci and the NSM off the board and deems them no longer a player in Little Rock...or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

However, Dutton is throwing around a lot of weight he doesn't have without the LoS.

The League may tire quickly of Dutton acting like he's in charge and trying to pick fights using their name, when he's the new guy.

Come Saturday, it'll be interesting to see who blinks first and stays at home and who shows up ready to brawl.

Possibly, anti-racists will come in after the Nazi vs. Confederates confrontation and mop up the rest of the sideshow with relative ease.

Or it could be everyone stays home but the Hiwaymen and the ShieldWall Network and they spend the afternoon hurling insults at each other from across an imaginary playground.

Achille, Oklahoma's Burney Crenshaw previously terrorized a 12-yr-old trans girl, now he's attacked a gay man. Will police do anything this time?

David Northcutt and the sociopath Burney Crenshaw

UPDATE 03/04/2019: The attack on David Northcutt in Achille, Oklahoma by suspect Burney Crenshaw is now being treated as a hate crime and the FBI have taken over the investigation. Crenshaw has gone on the run and is being sought in both Oklahoma and in Texas as part of the investigation. He is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Sociopath Burney Crenshaw is the suspect in yet ANOTHER hate crime coming out of Achille, Oklahoma - a town that hires known neo-Nazis on their police force, and who will not protect its LGBTQ+ citizens.

Although law enforcement is now looking for Crenshaw in the hate crime, there's little hope that after their refusal to protect a pre-teen girl, that they'll make this crime a priority.

For those wanting to see Crenshaw prosecuted for his crimes, the Bryan County district attorney Emily Redman can be reached at (580) 924-4032

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office can be reached at 580-924-3000.

In late October, when being interviewed for a news story about the arrest of the town mayor David Northcutt on drug charges, who is the victim in this latest report, an unidentified man in a news story was in fact Burnie Crenshaw.

This is not our first story on Crenshaw or his wife and homophobic running buddies. Starting back in August we reported he and his gang were behind threats to a little girl.

It's a crime that Bryan County officials refused to prosecute - negligently leaving the unstable predator Crenshaw to commit another violent act of hate towards an LGBTQ person.

That report is below. Be aware that Maddie and her family were able to move away from Oklahoma after LGBTQs and allies raised a generous amount for their expenses on GoFundMe.

VICE later did their own story on this, as well as numerous news outlets around the world, such as the New York Times.

The Unstoppable Maddie. We told her
story and she has a special place
within our hearts.
(Hate Trackers August 10, 2018) A growing call to do physical harm to a 12-year-old transgender girl has residents near Achille, Oklahoma and their families conspiring to harm the child. A series of screenshots captured by concerned citizens shows adults engaging in a discussion that amounts to an actual criminal conspiracy to have other school children bully and assault the transgender child until she’s too afraid to return to school.

On Friday, August 10, 2018, an emergency protective order was filed against Burney Crenshaw in Bryan County Court by the mother of the transgender child. Crenshaw appears to be heading the group of adults trying to do harm to this child.

Achille, Oklahoma is near the Texas border in Bryan County. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 492. The school district there consists of the Achille Elementary School and Achille High School.

Jamie Crenshaw began colluding the hate crime by posting a warning in the Achille ISD Parent Group on Facebook. She dehumanized the child by saying, “Heads up parents of 5th thru 7th grade girls. The transgender is already using the girls bathroom. We have been told how the school has gone above and beyond to make sure he has his own restroom yet he is still using the girls. REALLY….looks like it’s gonna be a long year. We have made school board meetings over this situation last year but nothing seems to be changing. This is the same kid that got an trouble as soon as he transferred two years ago for looking over the stalls in the girls bathroom. Enough is enough. – with Burney Crenshaw.” [All spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are Jaime Crenshaw’s.]

Some of the social media posts attacking Maddie

Jamie Ann Standifer Crenshaw, age 37, of Colbert, OK – a nearby town in which the transgender child is attending school, is married to Burney Crenshaw, the subject of the protective order.

Burney Clyde Crenshaw, age 43, also of Colbert, is a former president of the Texoma Junior Rodeo Association. In 2006 he was convicted of domestic abuse in Bryan County after pleading no contest. After he served a deferred sentence the charge was dismissed.

The Crenshaws own Crenshaw Chemical & Fertilizer located at 1969 Eastman Rd - Hwy 91, Colbert, Oklahoma 74733. It's 1 1/2 miles west of Achille. Their phone numbers are (580) 434-2432 and (580) 283-3153.

There are no records found where Burney Crenshaw has assaulted or threatened a man, so it would appear he only has enough "courage" in him to beat women and threaten children. 

Note: Records also show the Crenshaws as being residents of Achille, Oklahoma. However, USDA farm subsidy information for Burney Clyde Crenshaw shows him receiving $198,524.00 from 2014 – 2016 at the Colbert address. The towns are less than eight miles apart. 

Eddie Belcher, age 79 of Broken Arrow, said, “If he wants to be a female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick."

Edward W. Belcher is a white supremacist supporter of the Confederacy.


Kevin Lee Bickerstaff, age 58 of Ada, suggested, “Just tell the kids to kick ass in the bathroom and it won’t want to come back!”

Bickerstaff is a pilot for Frontier Airlines. He is married to Lajuan “Lou” Gayle Koehn Pachner Bickerstaff, age 46. Both Bickerstaffs have been sued in civil court for non-payment of debts and are involved in the Mid-South Youth Rodeo Cowboys Association of Oklahoma.

The Frontier Airlines corporate office can be reached at (720) 374-4200.

Bickerstaff is also a member of the Texoma Junior Rodeo Association, whose former president is Burney Crenshaw.

Seth Cooper said, “Let Parker [son of Burney and Jaime Crenshaw] whip his ass until he quits coming to school.”

Waylon Lott responded, “I let the queer teacher get me worked up! This is even worse! Lol”

Cooper then replied, “Lmao, both cases are BS, neither one of them should be allowed near th[sic] school.”

Cooper is married to Shelby Cooper, age 63. The couple own Cooper Ranch and Trucking LLC at 1522 Hwy 199E in Madill, OK. Their business number is (580) 677-0107 with an email address of


Waylon Noel Lott, age 34, resides with his wife Amanda Ruth Cornelison Lott, age 35, at 5228 Lott Lane in Madill, OK. Lott has had to draw $33,581.00 in federal livestock subsiddies since 2014.

Jay Standifer added to the thread, “Seth Shelbie Cooper sounds like we are going to have to get a case of beer and a big ass fan to get him and his dad smoked off Bernie Crenshaw.” [The Bernie Crenshaw was referencing another member of the group - Burney Crenshaw, so the sentence should correctly end with “smoked off”.]

Jay W. Standifer, age 45, is the ranch manager at Buckhorn Creek Ranch located at 6300 Highway 177 S, Sulphur, and resides at 2932 Standifer Rd Sulphur with his wife Karen Duck Franks Standifer, age 40.

He has a 1998 felony conviction in Murray County for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was charged with unlawful hunting by the Oklahoma Wildlife Department. He’s also had a protective order filed on him by a woman and had to be forced by the courts to pay child support.

Karen Standifer is a girl’s junior high coach at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf in Sulphur.


Gina Segraves refers to the child as "thing" in one post, while clearly not having seen herself in a mirror lately. In the intro area to her Facebook, Segraves refers to herself as a "bitch".

Gina Marie Davey Segraves, age 52, who lives 6 3/4 miles east of Catfish King on Hwy 3 near Idabel, is quite the deadbeat having racked up nearly a dozen civil suits against her in recent years.


The Bible-thumping Eddie Alford McCroskey II, age 43, of 35136 Pleasant Valley Rd in Wister, OK has a felony record that includes child abuse by injury, transporting a loaded firearm, and possession of a firearm while under supervision. The divorced man is currently engaged to Melissa Lycklama of Broken Bow. It will be the Bible quoter’s third marriage in eight years.

McCroskey also uses P.O. Box 785, Poteau, OK 74593 and Melissa's cabin address at Blue 3 Trail #1244 in Broken Bow.


Ty Andrew Hays, who refers to the child as a maggot, has a criminal record for assault and battery in the presence of a minor in Custer County. Hays, age 42, resides in McLean, Texas and is married to Lacey Hays. Hays, who is native to Weatherford, OK, has had protective orders filed against him by a former wife. He currently has an outstanding warrant in Blaine County for failure to have insurance.

Jamie Dayle Blanchett, age 44 of 902 NE Rushwood Drive in Stigler, OK, owns Blanchett Welding and Metal Art. The phone number there is (918) 448-0368.


Susan Rogers Leonard, age 54, of Broken Bow has shared a cruel meme with Burney Crenshaw promoting violence towards transgender people. She and her former spouse Tommy Leonard enjoy exchanging protective orders against each other.

Leonard subsists off the largesse of family members and taxpayers, while giving a go at becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Jacky Billy Upton, age 35 of Stigler, shared with Jamie Blanchett a meme implying that, if you went into the wrong bathroom, you'd need to use the handicapped stall.

The two statements “Let Parker whip his ass until he quits coming to school.” and “Just tell the kids to kick ass in the bathroom and it won’t want to come back!” would be considered a criminal conspiracy to harm the 12-year-old girl and participants could face felony hate crime charges.

Almost all the involved parties have connections to the youth rodeo circuit.

The Achille ISD Parents Group is a closed group. A member leaked the postings cited to the public. Sandra Simmons and Kara Bird run the group, but it's not been shown that they've any involvement in the conspiracy to commit a hate crime.

A description of the group provides the disclaimer, "This group page only exists as a sounding board for the community. The views expressed on this page are not necessarily the views of the administrators. We do not condone or endorse any forms of violence, degradation or bullying of anyone."

Previous coverage

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, League of South, and Hiwaymen now joining together for March 9th Little Rock rally at state capitol

The League of the South is just one violent racist group marching to Little Rock

Nazi Kynan Dutton, who just resigned from the National Socialist Movement Friday, has very loose lips. He slipped up on his VK social media and revealed that besides the Hiwaymen and ShieldWall Network gathering at the Arkansas State Capitol on March 9th additional groups, including Nazis from the region, the Knights Party of the KKK, and the League of  the South will be coming as well.

That could make for a quite large gathering of white nationalists. In fact, if all these groups show, it could rival the 2016 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Although this started out as a Hiwaymen gathering where about ten or less were expected to show, stronger groups came in and shoved them out of the way to take over. Basically, they took the Hiwaymen's rally away from them and there was nothing they could do about it.

Dutton's lack of operational security allows for law enforcement and counter protesters to organize a response.

On Thursday we reported: 

Nazis with the ShieldWall Network (SWN) and Confederate hillbillies with the Hiwaymen (the oft mocked low hanging fruit of the Alt-Right) are planning to rally at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock on March 9th beginning at noon.

Both gangs are based in Arkansas with each planning to show up in order to protest in favor of an anti-abortion bill and against a gun bill.

SWN head Billy Roper posted on Stormfront "At noon on Saturday, March 9th, the ShieldWall Network Phalanx will be holding a “For Life and Liberty” rally at the Arkansas State Capitol building in Little Rock, Arkansas, parallel to the unaffiliated Highwaymen “Make Arkansas Great Again” rally with which we sympathize. There will be two issues we are taking a stand on: in opposition to abortion, and in support of the second amendment."

Flashing white power sign the Hiwaymen prepare for violence

The Hiwaymen have dubbed their get together as 'Making Arkansas Great Again' with an event page that boasts "Making Arkansas Great by protecting our 2nd ammendment and our Unborn citizens."

As Dear Abby is to have famously said, though paraphrased, if you want to make Arkansas great again...move.

The 'Master Race' at the ShieldWall Network

It's hoped that SWN helmer Billy Roper, a vanity press author with spellcheck, will be able to school Billy Sessions and James Del Brock - the unemployed co-founders of the Hiwaymen - on how to spell Highwaymen and Second Amendment correctly. 

As Ratzis abandon sinking ship, NSM Commander Jeff Schoep finally comes out of hiding

Cmdr Jeff Schoep in center

Note: This is a developing story. HT will have more background and the shakeup details on Saturday.


Burt Colucci
After hiding out from his fellow Nazis following the revelations that a black activist had taken control of the National Socialist Movement, Commander Jeff Schoep finally surfaced about thirty minutes ago, as his men continued abandoning him right and left.

Kynan Dutton has already resigned and Chief of Staff Burt Colucci has been threatening to if Schoep didn't crawl out from his hole and show who's leading the Nazis.

Yesterday afternoon Colucci posted on the Russian social media website "For those of you who think the NSM is sinking and smell blood in the water, I believe you are going to be pleasantly surprised moving forward. I characterize this as an excellent gauge to figure out who is a real National Socialist and who is not and only worried about themselves (which is Jewish). If you cannot stick through the bad times, why should you be allowed to remain for the good. I cannot possibly answer all the media and personal inquiries I’ve gotten about this, so I am putting it out here.

"This organization is going to get back to it’s roots in White Nationalism real quick and deep. This will become clear within the next 24 hours. I will not answer any questions regarding this until Commander Schoep personally makes a statement. If he does not, then I will personally resign myself."

It ended up with Schoep resigning after two decades and Colucci taking over the
crumbling empire.

Late Friday night Schoep released a statement on his VK page.

The Hate Trackers team constantly monitors groups like the NSM,
so we knew within minutes of Schoep's posting his media release.

For Public Release: 3-1-19 

Fellow patriots of the National Socialist Movement: 

I am writing to offer an explanation of recent events which affect our party, the movement, and the future of our organization. A great deal of inaccurate information has been published about me in the media and I am now attempting to set the record straight. I know that many of you are looking for answers and are rightfully concerned about what is going on within NSM. 

As many of you know, NSM as an organization, numerous other persons, groups, and myself are named defendants in an ongoing, frivolous lawsuit stemming from events that occurred at the Unite the Right Rally in August, 2017. Due to this ongoing litigation, I cannot address every issue at this time; however I would like to put to rest some of the malicious rumors currently circulating in the national and international media.

1. After serving as Commander of the Party for over two decades, it is time for me to step down and allow new blood to further our interests. Burt Colucci, Chief of Staff of the National Socialist Movement, will be taking over operations as the new Commander effective immediately.

2. Due to communication issues, NSM recently terminated its relationship with our former legal counsel. We are now actively in the process of retaining new attorneys.

3. I was deceived by Mr. James Stern, who convinced me that in order to protect our membership from the ongoing lawsuit, I should sign over NSM’s presidency to him.. This paper appointment will not stop us. Mr. Stern’s bad faith actions may leave me no choice but to protect my rights in a court of law, as I believe he fraudulently manipulated me for the purposes of gaining control of, and dissolving NSM. He has openly admitted to the press quote: an “epic” tale, he said, that includes infiltration, persuasion and a hint of manipulation. He is quoted as saying he did these things to “outsmart” and take down the NSM.

Mr. Stern recently filed a summary judgment motion with the court in Charlottesville in which he claimed NSM admits culpability and should be held accountable for violence in Charlottesville. I maintain that I was attacked by Antifa in Charlottesville and that I acted only in self-defense. Not a single person, myself included, from NSM was charged criminally for any violence at the rally. The self-control and discipline of NSM members in the violent streets of Charlottesville in the face of vicious and unprovoked violence against us is truly commendable. We are guilty of nothing other than attending a legally sanctioned event in support of our 1st Amendment rights.

I realize that there is a lot of confusion right now, and ongoing legal matters prevent me from being more thorough in my explanation of events. Regardless, it is important for me to communicate that my actions are always done for a reason and I would never purposefully damage the organization I have spent so many years serving. I want to thank everyone who has stood by us during this difficult time. You are giants among lesser men and your loyalty will be remembered. As for all of the vultures, snakes, and international banking and media interests who have attempted to damage NSM and me personally, you have shown your true colors.

I want to thank everyone who has served with me over the years as I respectfully step down as Commander of the National Socialist Movement. Burt Colucci has been handling most of the day to day operations and he has my full faith and confidence during this dark hour. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. Most importantly, there have been no breeches in Organizational security I ask you all to be patient and remain loyal as we formulate our plan for the future.

Further statements shall be forthcoming.


Jeff Schoep