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Updated: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Lispy Jim Edition

Lispy Jim protecting a Georgia strip mall from ISIS

UPDATED 01/02/2019: More lights are going out on James "Lispy Jim" Stachowiak. After the Confederates told him to hit the road he began obsessively putting out his notorious snitch and attack videos targeting them and others.

The videos - most of which are filmed in his car, while he drives for Uber - were so threatening and abusive that YouTube deplatformed him by terminating his account. For the last week his main Facebook account hasn't been updated suggesting he's in social media jail there. The only action he's seeing right now comes from his secondary Facebook account where he has started putting out demented live streams.

Stachowiak has never been accused of mental competency, but he seems to be devolving further into his personality and mental disorders. True to fashion, even while riding in his car, Lispy Jim is waving around a gun and making threats.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Mass murderer Dylann Roof is communicating with neo-Nazi leader Billy Roper from death row

Dylann Roof
Notorious mass murderer Dylann Roof continues to communicate with violent white supremacists, as he awaits execution in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Dylann Storm Roof, 24, is a white supremacist, who has been sentenced by the United States to death for his killing of nine church worsphippers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015.

On December 10, 2018 Elizabeth Lacron of Toledo, Ohio, who was a pen-pal of Roof, was arrested for plotting a mass murder herself.

At the time prison officials say Roof was only writing to four people.

It now appears as if one of those people is the controversial neo-Nazi Billy Roper.

Screen grab taken by Hate Trackers

Billy Roper Jr
Billy Joe Roper Jr of Mountain View, AR has been involved in hate and terror groups all his life. Both his father and his grandfather were with the Ku Klux Klan. As a teenage in the Eighties he got involved in a skinhead racist group.

His connections to the Klan, neo-Nazis, Christian Identity churches, and more are vast.

Roper now leads the Shieldwall Network, which is pursuing a white ethno-state.

The ShieldWall Network plans to keep pushing outward covering an even greater area. Right now the only path they think they can take is into Northeastern Oklahoma.

At present, this is the ShieldWall

In establishing his white ethno- state some areas are abandoned to minorities; most notably Southern and eastern Arkansas, which have high rates of African-Americans. Roper wants whites living in those areas to move to the "Homeland" within the ShieldWall's borders. Part of their plan there is to relocate whites from their non-homeland into areas they wish to takeover.

Their current strategy has the white nationalist wall moving into the NE Oklahoma partial counties of Ottawa, Mayes, Wagoner, Muskogee, Adair, Sequoyah, Delaware, and all of Cherokee County.

In 2011 sixteen-year-old Julian Austin Calfy decided he was going to launch a Columbine-style attack at his own high school in Dardanelle, Arkansas.

"I'ma bust in shootin don't care wut doin algebra or geometry I'ma teach ur blank TRIGGERnometry." Facebook post by Julian Austin Calfy 

Except the attack he was plotting was going to be far worse.

Failed school shooter Calfy
According to court documents on December 6, 2011 Dardanelle Police Chief Monte Sims and Officer Lonnie Moore acting on a tip that Calfy was preparing to launch a terror attack, immediately went to the high school, which has 600 students. The pair had the teen summoned from class. Upon searching Calfy, they found a knife on him. As the boy was on juvenile probation the weapon was a violation, so they took him into custody. He was taken to the police station for questioning. 

During the subsequent investigation officers found a binder with details of the Columbine shooting and a map marking the doors of Dardanelle High School with a list of items like chains and locks to secure the doors. 

Calfy at a Nazi rally on the steps of the Arkansas
State Capitol representing the Aryan Nations.
A search of Calfy's home uncovered items that could be used to make explosives inside a box labeled "White Resistance Alliance".

The investigation led to Calfy being charged as an adult for making terroristic threats and possession of explosives.

After his 2016 release, Calfy, now using the code name Loki, headed to Apple Valley, California where he was made California State Leader of the Confederate Nazi Party.

Calfy then ended up with both the Aryan Nations and Roper's Shieldwall Network.

Although we do not know the contents of the letter, this communication between Roof and neo-Nazis coming on the heels of Lacron's planned attacked cannot be taken lightly. 

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Virgin Islands Vicky - North Dakota Woman Goes on N-word Laced Rant

Mickey Tronson
aka Virgin Islands Vicky
We weren't going to get through 2018 without having another edition of Barbecue Becky, were we?

Meet Virgin Islands Vicky - a North Dakota woman named Mickey Tronson.

While in the U.S. Virgin Islands (majority black) for a vacation, Tronson was recorded three times, hurling vile racist epithets, declaring her hatred of black people, and loathing of President Barack Obama.

According to HEAVY, "The original three-part video was recorded by Djama Esprit of Charlotte Amalie. Posted on a St. Thomas group Facebook page, Esprit said the incident occurred Dec. 13 at a dock for a small ferry on the island.

The report claims, "Edwin Lewis, a USVI resident, also had an interaction with Tronson. In his video posted to Twitter, Lewis engages with Tronson telling her that police were called and she was eventually told to leave the island. A report said USVI or St. Thomas police have not confirmed contact with Tronson. Indeed, Tronson boasts in this second video that she’d been expecting the police since she’d been told they had been called but had as of that time, had not arrived and Tronson appears unfazed, continuing her resolute racist declarations."

There's at least three videos making the rounds, but you'll get the idea of where Virgin Islands Vicky stands on race relations with just this one.

Brandishing Assault Rifle Unhinged Stachowiak Threatens to Shoot and Torch Marines, Antifa, and Others

James Stachowiak, aka Lispy Jim and Johnny Infidel
Notorious sociopath Lispy Jim Stachwiak, aka Johnny Infidel, appears to have crossed protected speech is is making actual threats to shoot and torch members of Antifa and several of the enemies he's made within the Militia and Patriot Movements.

In this video Hate Trackers recorded off of one of Stachowiak's Facebook pages, he makes some pretty serious threats.

Stachowiak's threats have been numerous over the years and include his calling  for the death of black women and children, as well as his former associates.

Although in the threatening video he talks badly about convicted child rapist Charles Dyer, aka the July4Patriot, and the late J.T. Ready - a neo-Nazi and border militia leader, who murdered his family before killing himself - Stachowiak was close friends to both before ultimately turning on them. It's his pattern.

Stachowiak is known for making and
distributing violent memes that suggest
he is going to take violent action against
his enemy of the day.
After Dyer's initial arrest for federal weapons charges involving a grenade launcher stolen from the military and a Oklahoma charge for child rape, Stachowiak remained friends with the suspect and began raising funds to help Dyer with legal expenses.

However, after he was caught embezzling those funds, Stachowiak started attacking Dyer and stopped promoting him as the first prisoner of war in the Second American Revolution.

He befriends someone in white nationalism or patriot groups, soaks them for money, milks them for information, and then, he will denounce them, as well as turn snitch against them.

That's left Stachowiak with a lot more enemies than friends.

Just last week we reported another incident of his calling patriots to go lone wolf on members of Antifa.

The term lone wolf as related to terrorism means, "A lone actor, lone-actor terrorist, or lone wolf, is someone who prepares and commits violent acts alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group. He or she may be influenced or motivated by the ideology and beliefs of an external group and may act in support of such a group."

For a thorough background we've done of Stachowiak over the last nine years, you can read our intel report here.

Lispy Jim is constantly being banned from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. He's afraid to use the white nationalist sites like Gab and VK, as he's made a lot of enemies over the years and they bully him on those platforms.

He's is currently using two accounts on Facebook that we've found. One under the name James Stachowiak with the address of is up, but he got a 30 day timeout in Facebook jail so can't post on it right now. Thus, he switched to a back up account using the name James Joesph Stachowiak, which has a address of

In recent years Stachowiak has operated from - a domain his mother purchased. However, there's no associated website any longer. The domain now redirects back to

It's there where we recorded the posted video.

Lispy Jim is a firebug and chest-thumping buffoon at heart. 
Stachowiak is fond of setting things on fire, especially flags. That you can see in the video. However, things don't always go as planned for the tragic clown of the alt-right. Once while monitoring him in 2017, we witnessed him set fire to a Democratic flag. The fire got out of hand and spread to his mother's house where he was living. We managed to do screen shots in between our laughter.

Search the phrase "james stachowiak georgia" and you'll receive scores of results showing Stachowiak's frequent run ins with police and his extremist activities in multiple states.

Oklahoma Extremism: a 2018 Year in Review

Proud Boys of Oklahoma

A run down for Oklahoma this year in extremism. 

Mainly, what's being tracked is activity from Identity Evropa, a neo-Nazi and white supremacist group that participated in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. It's been pretty much a literature drop at state colleges. And there have been drops in areas of OKC like the library and Midtown, parts of Tulsa too. They're trying to recruit college males.

There's, also, been an upswing in Balt Right recruitment - those are Nazis and white separatists seeking a white ethno-state in NE Oklahoma - Counties of Ottawa, Mayes, Wagoner, Muskogee, Adair, Sequoyah, Delaware, and Cherokee.

The Proud Boys of Oklahoma, John Birch Society, Irish Mob, United Aryan Brotherhood, Sadistic Souls of the Aryan Nations, Israelite School of Universal Knowledge, Israel United in Christ, and various KKK groups are scattered throughout the state.

A popular tattoo parlor in OKC called Mystical Illusions has been identified as being owned by a neo-Nazi that has employed Proud Boys to work in the business.

One individual that bears watching is a pro-rape Nazi named Paul Ray Ramsey, who uses the nickname RamZPaul. 

There are also two incels to keep watch on. Both happen to be disgraced ex-cops with criminal records who enjoy trolling Oklahoma news station social media accounts.

Hate Trackers has discovered that a Patriot pro-gun rights group that has conducted rallies twice at the Oklahoma State Capitol is being run by a convicted felon originally from Texas.

A radical abortion abolitionist group tied to Operation Rescue/Operation Save America is once again picking up steam after its leader Dan Fisher lost his race for governor.

We also exposed how the editor of an Oklahoma City newspaper named Patrick B. McGuigan has some very disturbing connections to Paul Weyrich, a convicted Nazi war criminal, and a race scientist.

In hate crimes the biggest story of the year was the one we broke about a 12-year-old trans girl being threatened by a group of small town bigots around Achille, Oklahoma. 

Some of Identity Evropa/Patriot Front lit drops:

Tulsa - Identity Evropa distributed flyers that read: "Only we can be us."

Chickasha - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at University of Arts & Sciences Oklahoma. The flyers read: "United we stand," "Serve your people," and "Only we can be us." They also posted stickers featuring their group logo.

Tulsa - Approximately five members of Identity Evropa stood on an overpass holding a banner that read, "No sanctuary build the wall.

Norman - Patriot Front posted flyers and stickers at the University of Oklahoma. The flyers read: "Will your speech be hate speech," "Not stolen conquered," "Better dead than red," and "Money does not rule you."

Tulsa - Identity Evropa distributed flyers that read: "Our future belongs to us" and "Serve your people." They also posted stickers featuring their group logo.

Enid OK - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at Northern Oklahoma College. The flyers read: "Lets become great again," "Our future belongs to us," and "Our destiny is ours." They also posted stickers featuring their group logo.

Oklahoma City - Identity Evropa posted stickers featuring their group logo at the Oklahoma City Public Library.

Oklahoma City - Identity Evropa distributed flyers that read: "Our generation, Our future, Our last chance." They also posted stickers featuring their group logo.

Tulsa - Identity Evropa posted flyers that read: "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance." and propaganda stickers.

Norman - Identity Evropa posted flyers that read: "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance."

Norman - Identity Evropa posted stickers around Lake Thunderbird.

Tulsa - Identity Evropa distributed flyers and stickers at Oklahoma State University at Tulsa. The flyers read: "Action, Leadership, Identity" and "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance."

Okmulgee - Identity Evropa distributed flyers and stickers at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. The flyers read: "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance" and "Action, Leadership, Identity."

Warner - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at Connors State College. The flyers read: "Take a stand: America is our home. A massive caravan of illegal invaders is currently headed toward the American border."

Wilburton - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at Eastern Oklahoma State College. The flyers read: "Take a stand: America is our home. A massive caravan of illegal invaders is currently headed toward the American border."

El Reno - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at Redland Community College. The flyers read: "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance," "Action, Leadership, Identity" and an ad for the book "White Identity" with the message: "Your professor is scared of this book."

Weatherford - Identity Evropa distributed flyers and stickers at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. The flyers read: "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance," "Action, Leadership, Identity" and an ad for book called "White Identity" with the message: "Your professor is scared of this book."

Midwest City - Identity Evropa distributed flyers and stickers at Rose State College. The flyers read: "Action, Leadership, Identity."

Oklahoma City - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at Oklahoma City Community College. The flyers read: "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance" and advertised a book called "White Identity" with the message: "Your professor is scared of this book."

Edmond- Identity Evropa distributed stickers and flyers at the University of Central Oklahoma. The flyers read: "Action, Leadership, Identity."

Norman - Identity Evropa distributed flyers at the University of Oklahoma. The flyers read: "Action, Leadership, Identity," "Serve Your People," "Our Generation. Our Future. Our Last Chance," and an advertisement for the book Why We Fight with the message: "Not your grandfather [sic] political manifesto."

Oklahoma City - Identity Evropa distributed flyers that read: "Action, Leadership, Identity" and "Protect Your Heritage."

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ku Klux Klan expanding hate compound near Harrison, Arkansas

Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party (Knights of the Ku Klux Klan) and pastor of the Christian Revival Center, is expanding his notorious hate compound with what he's calling a research and development center. However, as the building progresses it looks more like a sanctuary instead of a science center. 

The Christian Revival Center is located in Boone County Arkansas at 6400 Leadhill Rd near Harrison Arkansas. 

It is only 15 miles from Harrison and about 30 miles from Branson, Missouri. The Center’s 100-acre campus includes a church, office, cabins and camping area for those attending white nationalist gatherings there. 

The Knight's Party business office number there is 870-427-3414.

Although this compound has been under Robb's control since 1971, the compound has begun a major construction expansion this year.

They're also doing some remodeling on the older buildings there.

It's unknown where the Robb Family has gotten their sudden influx of money, but their compound is desired by the homeless Aryan Nations. Pastor Robb has recently invited them onto his property, which coincides with the new construction going on.

However, the Aryan Nations are the type who will discard the Robbs as soon as they get what they want out of them.

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After a decade of hate, white nationalist trades hate for hope and burns racist gear

Joshua Bates is trading hate for hope.

After a decade engaging in many forms of white nationalism, including the Klan and the Nazi Movement, Bates - a former Marine - is now apologizing for his years creating racial division.

This weekend Bates came out as a non-hater.

His Statement

For the past ten years I was a racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic extremist on the far-right. My journey through the White Nationalist scene saw me joining and associating with may different far-right organizations and wearing just as many uniforms, outfits, and collecting related clothing or paraphernalia.

In my continuing effort to disentangle myself from the White Nationalist movement, I decided to burn those things that I have acquired over the years.

In the video below you will see a KKK robe already laid out over the pit, the infamous black National Socialist uniform, an Alt-Right and Nazi flag, as well as other things I wanted out of my home and my life forever.

If you are on the right and are thinking about joining one of these, or similarly styled groups or organizations, I beg of you…don’t. You will lose your humanity, your dignity, your compassion, empathy, and soul in the process, and that’s just the beginning. Take some time for self-reflection and think about what you’re going to be risking should you take the plunge into the sordid world of White Nationalism.To all those people and communities that I harmed with my words and actions over the last decade, know that I deeply and humbly apologize and that I will be working for the rest of my life to make amends and hopefully to help keep others from taking the same path I did.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ego Driven NSM Nazis continue top internal purge to root out other leaders, while recruiting children

National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep of Detroit, Michigan and Chief of Staff Burt Colucci of Kissimmee, Florida appear to be conducting a Christmas purge of their aide-de-camps.

This purge is a bit more targeted at higher ups in the NSM than your rank and file stormtrooper.

On the heels of the costume Nazis dumping Matthew Heimbach on December 2nd they have as of today parted ways as with three other prominent members: Kevin James aka KJ aka Shawn Hughes, (real name Scott Hume), Sabrina Burnside, and Daniel Burnside.

Community Outreach Director  Matthew Warren Heimbach, 28, had been removed from their Nazi organization due to "open alligence [sic] to Strausserism and Communism".

Dutton's calling Heimbach a traitor, however, didn't exactly please Cmdr. Schoep, who openly chastised the underling

 Kevin James/Scott Hume
Until today, one of the NSM's most notorious propagandists has been Kevin James/Scott Hume. He runs a YouTube channel and Twitter account via user name Hummerer4632.

Hume and all of his personas has been with the NSM for over a decade and his roles have included acting unit leader of NSM-Phoenix and a propagandist.

He's most recently been serving as the NSM's media director.  

The Burnside Nazi compound in Ulysses, Pennsylvania
Sabrina and Daniel Burnside
Daniel and Sabrina Burnside listed run a controversial Nazi compound in Ulysses, Pennsylvania. The couple are breeding like crazy having seven children under the age of ten and one on the way.

He'd been pretty high up on the NSM ladder having been a director and public face for them for many years. 

Daniel Burnside had until today been a corporal with the NSM and their Region 2 director.

You can read more about Burnside at 'What do you do when your neighbor is a Neo-Nazi?'

The current purge looks to have involved Hume and Burnside's involvement in a website operated by Hume under his Kevin James ID.

Inside sources are saying Burt Colucci went on a rampage, because he thought Hume and Burnside were more ego driven than Nazi ideologists.

Right Wing Media (RWM) had been put in charge of revamping the NSM88 website and remastering over eight weeks of internet Nazi radio, including shows run by Colucci and Dutton.

The website now shows an error message.

It's not known why they were given the job in the first place, as their own website is a lesson in how not to design one. It looks like someone is stuck on a 15-year-old Geocities platform.

Burnside is set to debut a radio show called 'The Norse Crew' on RWM beginning in January.

Although Colucci is blaming RWM, some within the NSM are saying Colucci has been running around like a honey badger with hemorrhoids in recent weeks acting like a man-baby.

While Colucci and his little buddy Dutton, have been running around unsupervised and purging other leaders, Cmdr. Jeff Schoep has remained mostly silent as he focuses on children. 

The 48-year-old Schoep, a convicted burglar who claims to have become a Nazi at the age of 10, is looking to further the NSM's outreach to children. He plans to target 14- to 17-year-olds to indoctrinate them and train them in military skills for his Viking Youth Corps.
The requirements to get into the Viking Youth Corps are:
  • Must be no younger than 14 years of age but not yet 18.
  • Must be the child of the N.S.M. or other pro-white organization, or have written, signed and notorized letter of consent from parents.
  • Must be of pure European or European decent.
    • No blood lines to that of Jewish or non-white races.
  • Males and Females both can join.
  • Cannot be using drugs, smoking, or drinking.
  • Must have a basic understanding of Racial loyalty and National Socialism.
  • Must be willing to live by the Code and Law of the V.Y.C. as part of your daily life.
  • Must be willing to obey regulations of the V.Y.C. in regards to activism, participation in N.S.M. activities, and obey the laws of the land.
If approved for membership the Nazi youth will be instructed in:

  • Education in National Socialist Theory and Practice.
  • Officer training in related N.S.M. Fields
    • Propaganda
    • Public Speaking
    • Unit Operations
    • Public Relations
    • Staff Operations
    • Education in the theories of Communism, Zionism, Capitalism, etc to ensure a more effective warrior against the enemies of our race.

"Q" the crazy guy. QAnon nut gets arrested for third time over child sex ring delusion

Tuscon has a major child sex trafficking problem.

Or maybe not.

Yes, there is a problem with child sex trafficking. No, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, 40, also known as Lewis Arthur, is not the one living in a reality where that issue can be addressed.

Meyer is a devotee of QAnon, a squirrelly group of hyper conspiracy theorists that are living out a practical joke as if it were real. Think Pizzagate.

In October 2017 a user named Q Clearance Patriot, who may be from the gamerverse, appeared on 4Chan, and later 8Chan, talking about a Deep State conspiracy that included some rather illogical beliefs: Trump and Mueller are working together to ferret out treasonous Democrat and lots of "intel" about a massive child sex ring.

Meyer was drawn to the seedier side of QAnon, which no one right now knows if it's just a big troll joke or someone's actual beliefs.

So, Meyer see's "child sex ring" and found his mission in life. Thus, he gathered up the disreputable Veterans on Patrol group he founded and went hunting.

Meyer has never served in the military, so he's not a veteran. But he is a former drug addict.

The group decided that the presence of child’s toys at one end of the camp and pornographic magazines elsewhere was obvious evidence of child sex trafficking and that children were being kept in underground bunkers.

In May 2018, several media outlets were contacted about an abandoned homeless camp near Interstate 19 and Valencia. Meyer, using the name Lewis Arthur, claimed the camp, near the Cemex Concrete plant, was proof of child sex and human trafficking in the Tucson area.

The Tucson Police Department investigated the camp and said there was no evidence it was used for any criminal activity, much less human trafficking.

According to KOLD13, a short list of those who Arthur has accused of being part of it includes:
  • The FBI
  • Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall
  • Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild
  • Rep. Raul Grijalva
  • The Pima County “Elites”
  • Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Cemex Concrete Company
In July 2018, he was arrested at the Cemex property on a trespassing charge.

The QAnon chap has been pestering people about things all year and now he's been arrested a third time.

The news station reports that Arthur allegedly went to a woman’s Avra Valley home and yelled several accusation at her from the road.

He was then arrested for disorderly conduct and residential picketing.

Meyer is found in frequent places across the internet using the names Lewis Arthur, Michael Meyer, Louie Prepper, VOP Alpha Co, Team Pulaski, VOP (Veterans On Patrol), Bravo Base - "Camp Conklin".

2018 Report: Anti-Government Extremism in America by Sovereign Movement Expert JJ MacNab

In the U.S. there is loose-knit grouping of sovereign citizens, private paramilitary groups (self-styled "militias,) doomsday preppers, tax protesters, and related organizations. They're plotting and carrying out attacks on American soil, while building a body count.

JJ MACNAB is the nation's leading expert on the various right-wing extremist groups that make up the modern Sovereign movement. MacNab works as a frequent consultant to the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the US Marshals, the Department of Justice, the IRS, and the Canadian Provincial Police, providing background information and intelligence on various leaders within the Sovereign community. She lives in Rancho Mirage, CA.

She has now released a comprehensive report on the state of anti-government actors and actions in America covering 2000 - 2018.

You can read the full report available at Hate Trackers HERE.

Monday, December 10, 2018

The decline of western chauvinism - Proud Boys founder gets spanked again...and again

America's foremost Western Chauvinist Gavin McInnes keeps getting punked.

YouTube banned his channel and McInnes lost his last audience. That was an estimated 220,000 subscribers. 

The video service claims McInnes was stealing copyrighted material and posted a public urination video, which is not only against YouTube's TOS, but downright tacky.

He's already banned from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so there's not much more than MySpace left for the No Longer Proud Boy. He might need to see if Tom is looking for a new friend.

The rooster has lost its strut and crow.
Just a week ago McInnes was strutting around like a Proud Rooster with the announcement he'd be on the roster of the newly merged Mark Levin's CRTV and Glenn Beck's The Blaze and headed towards online streaming stardom.

Blaze Media claimed, "The new company will have a monthly multiplatform reach of over 165 million, and will be the largest independent, traditionally conservative multiplatform media company in the United States."

That lasted a week and they decided he wasn't good enough to be in the same stream as Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. So, he got the boot before ever doing a single show for them.

The Blaze choked that chicken pretty fast.

McInnes left his position with the Proud Boys just days before the media merger. He had a show on CRTV and likely thought he needed to the embarrassing group of borderline incels failing at adulting and usefulness.

That wasn't enough. McInnes was always going to be a liability to The Blaze, so he had to be lanced quickly. The merger didn't want to carry the Proud Boys and McInnes baggage over to their new network.

McInnes tried to present his minions as being a bar hopping crowd proud of Western Civilization and not a bunch of violent racists and homophobes like others in the alt-right. But that fell flat as the Proud Boys were caught in act after act of racism, homophobia, and political violence.

Although the Proud Boys love engaging in violence, most the time they come off looking like half-wits working as henchmen for the Penguin in a Batman tv show episode. 
The Proud Boys often give the impression they're
nameless minions from the Batman television show.
G.O.O.N. stands for Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks,
the political group supporting the Penguin’s election.

McGinnes is claiming a vast conspiracy to deplatform him. The thing is the top place to discuss conspiracies is at The Blaze

There are no major social media platforms available to the former Proudest Boy. That means he'll either be down to the low-end Gab where he'll have to share a voice with the Nazis and the KKK or go over to a Russian social networking site like VK where he'll have to share a voice with the Nazis and the KKK except in Russian.

The rooster has been made into a hen.

Although McInnes left the Proud Boys a few weeks ago, he was their founder and before his recent string of embarrassing set backs was considered the big britches boy.

That group promotes Western Chauvinism, Western Civilization, male supremacy, and political violence.

However, they're quickly barreling to the alt-right bottom, so the Decline of Western Chauvinism appears to be inevitable.

By the way, if you ever wondered what's beneath Gavin's beard, here's an older pic of him. That's not a very good wattle.

Dylann Roof's prison penpal arrested by FBI before carrying out her own mass murder plot

Elizabeth “Bee” Ridge LeCron, 23, of Toledo, Ohio has been busy.

She's been writing to convicted mass murderer and death row inmate Dylann Roof since July.

Lecron and an associate traveled to Colorado to pay homage to the Columbine school shooters.

And she's been collecting explosive materials so she could commit her own mass murder by attacking an unidentified Toledo bar.

According to a USDOJ affidavit filed in the case:

Lecron came to the attention of law enforcement earlier this year after one of her associates expressed a desire to conduct a violent attack. Further investigation revealed Lecron frequently posted voluminous photographs and comments on social media glorifying mass murderers, including the Columbine shooters and Dylann Roof.

After her Tumblr account was shut down because of offensive content, Lecron started a new profile -- “CharlestonChurchMiracle,” -- where she continued to post photos and comments about mass casualty attacks.

Lecron and an associate flew to Denver in order to visit Columbine High School. Around this time, she also began corresponding with Roof and attempted to send him Nazis literature.

Earlier in August, undercover FBI agents and confidential sources communicated with Lecron. In August, she stated she and an associate 1 had devised a plan to commit an “upscale mass murder” at a Toledo bar. She stated she knew the bar only had two ways in or out, which could be a tactical advantage when police arrived.

Later that month, Lecron stated she wanted to meet other anarchists in order to form a team. She stated she wanted to damage a livestock farm to set livestock free. She later confirmed she was willing to sabotage anything that harms the environment.

A week later, on August 28, she reiterated she wanted to attack a farm that raises pigs or cows. The next day, Lecron stated she could not locate such a farm and was going to focus on something else.

In September, Lecron met with undercover FBI agents and stated she and an associate started to make a pipe bomb. She stated she “definitely want(ed) to make a statement up here” and thought the place where she worked could be a good target because she believed they were polluting the river behind the plant.

On December 4, Lecron has discussions with an undercover agent regarding a pipeline bombing. Lecron agreed to buy black powder needed to make a bomb.

On December 8, Lecron met with a source at a retail sporting good stores, where she entered the store by herself and purchased two pounds of Hodgson Triple Seven Muzzleloading Propellant. She then went to a larger retailer in Perrysburg, where she purchased 665 screws of various sizes, some as large as three inches.

Lecron said to the source: “So I guess I’ll talk to you when the deed is done?” She later said: “I’m very excited...stick it to him man…be safe.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is comprised of members of the FBI, Homeland Security and Investigations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ohio State Highway Patrol and Toledo Police Department, is leading the ongoing investigation. They were assisted by the FBI’s office in Denver. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Freeman.

If convicted, the defendant’s sentence will be determined by the Court after review of factors unique to this case, including the defendant’s prior criminal record, if any, the defendant's role in the offense and the characteristics of the violation. In all cases, the sentence will not exceed the statutory maximum and in most cases it will be less than the maximum.

James Alex Fields Jr
Of note, Lecron hails from Maumee, Ohio, which is just south of Toledo. That town only has a population of around 14,000, and is also home to neo-Nazi killer James Alex Fields Jr., 22, who was just convicted last week in Charlottesville, VA for the first degree murder of activist Heather Heyer. Fields drove his car into a crowd during the 'Unite the Right' rally in August of last year. Juror return to deliberating his sentence tomorrow morning.

It's rather unusual that both Lecron and Fields, who are within a year of age, would both come out of the same small town. 

Dylann Roof
Mass murderer Dylann Roof, now 24, entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015. During the prayer service, he shot and killed nine people - all African Americans.

Roof was found guilty of a multitude of charges and on January 11, 2017 he was sententence to death by lethal injection. He awaits his execution at USP Terre Haute, which is where the federal death row for men is located.

It was later discovered during the aftermath of the shooting that Roof owned a website called The Last Rhodesian where he posted about his hatred for African-Americans and shared a number of neo-Nazi and white supremacist messages.

He, also, published a personal manifesto, which you can find in the Hate Trackers Library in its entirety.

Ohio man arrested and charged in federal court after planning an attack on a synagogue in the Toledo area


Damon M. Joseph, 21, of Holland, Ohio, was charged today in federal court with one count of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization, for allegedly planning an attack on a synagogue in the Toledo, Ohio area.  Joseph was arrested Friday evening after he took possession of two semi-automatic rifles.
The announcement was made by Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers, U.S Attorney Justin E. Herdman for the Northern District of Ohio and Acting Special Agent in Charge Jeff Fortunato of the FBI’s Cleveland Division.
“Damon Joseph was allegedly inspired by ISIS’ call to violence and hate.  He planned to attack the victims, based on their religion, at a Toledo-area synagogue in the name of ISIS, and hoped that it would lead to the deaths of many and spread fear,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers.  “His alleged actions would be an assault on the liberties and respect for humanity we hold so dear.  We will continue to make every effort to prevent such attacks from occurring.  I commend the agents, analysts, and prosecutors who identified the threat posed by this defendant and took action to protect the public from his plans.”
 “This man spent months planning a violent terrorist attack on behalf of ISIS here in the United States, and eventually targeted a Jewish synagogue in the Toledo area,” said U.S. Attorney Herdman.  “The charges describe a calculated man fueled by an ideology of hatred and intent on killing innocent people. The FBI, our police and Justice Department employees are to be credited for working to stop the defendant before he could act.”
“In a matter of months, Damon Joseph progressed from radicalized, virtual jihadist to attack planner,” said Acting Special Agent in Charge Fortunato.  “He ultimately decided to target two Toledo-area synagogues for a mass-casualty attack in the name of ISIS. Joseph will now be accountable in a court of law for his pursuit of a violent act of terrorism upon our fellow citizens attending their desired house of worship.”
According to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Toledo:
Earlier in 2018, Joseph drew the attention of law enforcement by posting photographs of weapons and various messages in support of ISIS on his social media accounts, as well as a photograph originally distributed by the media wing of ISIS.  This activity led to multiple interactions between Joseph and undercover FBI agents.
During his communication with undercover agents, Joseph stated his support for ISIS and produced propaganda in support of ISIS recruitment.  In September, Joseph made videos that he sent to the undercover agent, hoping they would be used to recruit people to ISIS.  He also complained that the mosque he attended was critical of ISIS.
Joseph stated his support for violent attacks and operations.  For example, on Oct. 21, Joseph expressed support for “martyrdom operations” and stated: “what must be done, must be done” and “there will always be casualties of war.”
On Oct. 30, Joseph and the undercover communicated regarding the mass shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh. Joseph stated: “I admire what the guy did with the shooting actually.”  He added: “I can see myself carrying out this type of operation inshallah. They wouldn’t even [an attack] expect in my area...”
Over the next few weeks, Joseph continued stating he wanted to participate in an attack on behalf of ISIS.  On Dec. 2 he forwarded a document that laid out his plans for an attack, using the name “Abdullah Ali Yusuf” for himself.  In the document, he described plans to attack where the greatest number of people are gathered, inflict the most casualties during the attack and make sure no one escaped.
Joseph then stated that he did not see this necessarily as “a martyrdom operation” as his plan accounted for an escape and potential combat with law enforcement.
On Dec. 4, Joseph stated he was deciding between two synagogues in the area to attack.  He stated the choice would depend on “Which one will have the most people, what time and what day. Go big or go home.”
The next day, Joseph met with an undercover FBI agent and discussed conducting a mass shooting at a synagogue.  Joseph identified two synagogues he viewed as targets in the greater Toledo area, and discussed the types of weapons he believed would be able to inflict mass casualties.
Joseph made written notes about the firearms he wanted and provided them to the undercover agent, stating he wanted AR 15s, AK 47, Glocks and ammunition.
On Dec. 6, Joseph met with an undercover in the Toledo area and stated it would be ideal to attack two synagogues, but that it was probably more realistic to only attack one.  Joseph also stated specifically that he wanted to kill a rabbi.
Also on Dec. 6, Joseph wrote the name and address of the synagogue where the attack was to occur.  Joseph stated he had conducted research to determine when the Jewish sabbath was so that more people would be present.  Joseph pulled up photographs of the inside of the synagogue and said he wanted the attack to begin in the sanctuary.  Joseph told the undercover agent that he would hide two semi-automatic rifles at his house once the undercover purchased them.
Later that day, the undercover agent told Joseph that he purchased rifles for the attack.  The two met on Dec. 7 at a predetermined location and Joseph took a black duffel bag containing two semi-automatic rifles, which had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement officers so that they posed no danger to the public.  Joseph was then arrested.
A charge is merely an allegation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. 
The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is comprised of members of the FBI, Homeland Security and Investigations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ohio State Highway Patrol and Toledo Police Department, is leading the ongoing investigation.  
The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Baeppler of the Northern District of Ohio, and Trial Attorneys Josh Champagne and Kyle Phillips of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Balkanization of America: White ethno-region Nazis and Klan spreading homeland into NE Oklahoma

At present, this is the ShieldWall. It's already entered Oklahoma.

First in a series about the Balk Right

White nationalists have for decades been building a European-style ethno-region under everyone's noses.

Code named ShieldWall the attempt at a Balkanization of America has already captured huge swathes of Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri with 100 contiguous counties now having a 90%+ white population.

Now they're coming for a chunk of Oklahoma.

Members of The ShieldWall Network
The ShieldWall Network plans to keep pushing outward covering an even greater area. Right now the only path they think they can take is into Northeastern Oklahoma.

Some areas are abandoned to minorities; most notably Southern and eastern Arkansas, which have high rates of African-Americans. They want the whites living in those areas to move to the "Homeland" within the ShieldWall's borders. Part of their plan there is to relocate whites from their non-homeland into areas they wish to takeover.

Their current strategy has the white nationalist wall moving into the NE Oklahoma partial counties of Ottawa, Mayes, Wagoner, Muskogee, Adair, Sequoyah, Delaware, and all of Cherokee County.

However, that part of the state has a high concentration of Native Americans living on federal trust lands that will slow down their efforts to balkanize part of the Sooner State to where a handful of counties are hostile to the rest of the state.

So, they plan to use force and terror to run people out.

Whereas the rest of the ShieldWall encompasses 90%+ white populations the demographics in NE Oklahoma are different, which is why some of those counties are only going to be partially incorporated with the areas containing a higher density of whites being brought inside the wall.

If successful, they'll drive out African-Americans, Indigenous Peoples, and Hispanics, by making living within the borders of the ShieldWall dangerous.

They are planning on scaring non-whites out of NE Oklahoma with help from their Missouri and Arkansas forces.

"Every non-White on the planet has to become extinct. We need to remove these minor-league amateur races out of the game, and refine the playoff brackets a bit, if you get my meaning. The whole world is ours, and the only part of the earth that non-Whites should inherit is however much it requires to cover them." — Bily Roper on Blood & Honour Radio
Billy Joe Roper Jr.
Leading the efforts of ShieldWall in establishing an ethno-state is the notorious Billy Roper.

The son and grandson of Klansmen, Roper joined a racist skinhead gang in Arkansas as a teenager in the 1980s, then became a high school history teacher there before launching his adult career as a full-time white nationalist.

Roper coordinates The ShieldWall Network out of Mountain View, Arkansas in Stone County.

Roper on his own and with his personal guard aren't much of an outfit. He's, mainly, a narcissistic buffoon, who believes he's more powerful than he is.

However, his coordination on behalf of other white nationalist groups to create a movement under the same umbrella where all are working towards common goals is what is causing worry. It's also the only thing Roper has brought to the table.

They want Roper's plan and connections. They don't want him. The Aryans thinks Billy Roper is a punk.

In this ethno-state expansion Roper is merely a tool being used by more powerful groups with lots of members coming from other white nationalist groups from the West Coast and Northeast, who will dispose of him if he doesn't please and perform as he is told.

They're not coming to assist Roper. They're coming to take his plan and dispose of the clown they don't have any respect for.

Down in Texas there are other parties working on making a pathway that links Roper's area to the Gulf Coast, which would give greater resources in a rebel state than what Roper's landlocked area would.

The fact is the Deep South is heavily populated with minorities and those are areas the ShieldWall cannot hope to penetrate, so they're concentrating on the High South, Midwest, and a link to the sea.

South Arkansas with its heavy black population bars a current path to water, so that means ShieldWall must work its way down the eastern part of Oklahoma to connect to white counties in Eastern Texas.

Strategically, the white nationalists have to take Eastern Oklahoma or remain landlocked.

Mainly, the resources coming from Texas would be drugs. The white supremacist groups at the top of this pile are the "Aryan Nations" and the Aryan Brotherhood - and various offshoots. They require drugs to use and to sell to fund their own activities. Roper is in the way of that.

Although the Aryan Nations has declined in recent years there's evidence of a resurgence and it connecting itself with other violent white nationalists and criminal gangs. They are splinter and intersecting groups, so a revival of the Aryan Nations is coming, but under a new yet unknown name.

The Aryan Nations in more organized days
It's a bit like an octopus with several tentacles. The Aryan Nations may not be the actual head - there may not be one at all - but those tentacles are working together in some fashion. Who ends up on top has yet to be seen, but it certainly won't be the likes of Roper, his friends in the KKK, or anyone at the National Socialist Movement.

The king of this mountain is going to end up being dope dealers with violent prison records.

To call it all about the Aryan Nations is a bit of a stretch, but until more is known about who ends up on top of the various factions it will have to serve as a descriptor.   

The Midwest to sea pipeline where they are in control of an ethno-state, even in part, gives them a huge drug market and with them in power law enforcement would serve them. That is their vision anyway.

Billy Roper has this naive dream of a white ethno-state where the people placing themselves to take control of his plans have a vision more closely related to that of the Medellin Cartel in Columbia.

That makes Roper a stooge in all this. His Skinhead days are thirty years in the past. He's a pot-bellied guy wearing a tie now. There are lots of meaner, leaner, younger, and hungrier wolves fresh out of prison that will eat him alive and they're coming to do just that.

Within the nation's prison system the Aryan Brotherhood is at war with the Irish Mob. That's a war they're bringing onto the streets as members get released from prisons.

However, the Aryan Brotherhood may end up in control in the streets, as they've turned to snitching on the Irish Mob in prison leading to more charges and longer sentences for its members.

Or at least that's their plan.

For the Aryans a white ethno-state must be built on a drug economy, such as seen in South and Central America.

Roper's plan has always been the ShieldWall, but it came with major deficiencies. Others had to correct it and make it more viable.

At this stage of the game Billy Roper and his wife Tina are expendable. The good ole Klan boys involved with them are just going to be used as pawns too.

Roper believes his "elite unit" called the Phalanx will keep him in control of things. They won't. Like Roper they're out-of-shape country boys that will go down quickly at the boots of the hardened meth-fueled Aryans, who have histories of killing; not just marching in the streets with shields and swastikas.

To avoid that take down the Phalanx will turn on Roper and serve the Aryans.

Most Aryans come right out of prison. Inmates in the vein of Billy Roper are punked out by the truly violent and not just mouthy Aryans.

It's believed that Roper's inner circle has already been infiltrated by the man others will use to remove the Ropers off the board.

That's likely a member of the Aryan Nations named Julian Austin Calfy - a psychopath and terrorist.

Arkansas native Calfy has connected to Roper and ShieldWall, but he actually came from California after relocating there after a prison stint. He's under orders from the actual Aryan Nations to infiltrate Roper's group, so they can be situated to takeover, when they're ready.

Calfy is the common denominator between ShieldWall, the Aryan Nations, and white supremacist prison gangs. He's also Nazi, Klan, and Confederacy. Those are all tentacles of the larger beast - with Calfy working each one under someone's orders.

Calfy has already gotten some of the Northwestern Arkansas ShieldWall Phalanx to secretly come over to his side, while making it appear they're still devoted to Roper.

Now Calfy is placed to turn Eastern Oklahoma for the higher powers that sent him in to infiltrate Roper's group.

Once Calfy links his people to Texas the deaths of Billy and Tina Roper are quite likely, as the Aryans don't like loose ends that talk too much.

Billy does a lot of talking.

It's been Roper's inability to stop running his mouth and putting plans online that has given Hate Trackers access to so much of what is going on in all this. His inability to practice operational security is a sin the Aryans never ever forgive.

Billy Roper is a snitch that isn't aware he's a snitch.

Billy Roper, the Coordinator of The ShieldWall Network,
gives a speech on September 29th in Texas, at the 2018
ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference

To develop the pipeline to the Gulf is exactly why neo-Nazis with the assistance of the Ku Klux Klan have started heavily recruiting in NE Oklahoma. It's a slow methodical process that threatens the entire state, while strengthening strongholds in Missouri and Arkansas. The uptick in recruiting in the area means they're ready to make a move on Oklahoma beginning with the NE part and moving to the SE - an area already known as Little Dixie. There they'll meet up with the group working to run NE Texas all the way down to the Gulf.

It should be noted that their white ethno-state in whole will ban homosexuals and trans people, as well as any white that does not accept their fascist ideologies.

That's Roper's plan though. The Aryans may have different goals in that regard. The Aryan Brotherhood are known to take male inmates as submissive lovers and use them in prison prostitution rings. That's often forced homosexuality. They're known to force feminization on other men as well.

They may or may not continue that practice within any ethno-state they control.

This ethno-state process is all part of what's called the Second Civil War, but it's an insidious and secret form of a civil war where they're setting up the chess board for a real war. These groups believe a civil war to be inevitable. Roper predicts it coming within five years.

To a reasoned mind that's insane, but it is their belief and plan.
KKK National Director Thomas A. Robb

On December 15th, 2018, white nationalists with The ShieldWall Network will be having a conference in north-central Arkansas (what they call Ozarkia).

Although the location is being kept secret, Hate Trackers believes that gathering will be done in Boone County, Arkansas on the grounds of a large Ku Klux Klan enclave run by Thomas A. Robb.

Robb and Roper have become extremely chummy over the last couple of years.

Robb is national director of The Knights Party, also known as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and a pastor at the rural Boone County, Arkansas Christian Revival Center. He's America's leading klansman.

The Christian Revival Center, which sits on a hundred acres, would be one of the only places for the white nationalists to gather that wouldn't draw a lot of outside attention. 

It is only 15 miles from Harrison, Arkansas and about 30 miles from Branson, Missouri. The Center’s campus includes a church, office, cabins, and a camping area for those attending conferences in the center.

Harrison has a history of racial hatred rooted in riots in 1905 and 1909. In the first one, blacks were whipped and beaten and a white mob shot out windows, burned about 30 homes of blacks and ordered blacks to leave the city.

The Ozarks are one of three hot spots for white supremacy. The other two are in Idaho and North Carolina. The Henderson, Arkansas area, however, is America's top hot spot for such activities. The town has recorded as many as seven hate groups being headquartered there.

Due to its reputation of being all-white, Robb relocated his family there from Arizona in 1971.

Like Roper, Thomas Robb is considered a punk by the Aryans and he will either have to serve them or be disposed of.

Most of that has to do with Robb's running hot and cold with the Aryan Nations.

Robb used to not let Nazis and Skinheads anywhere near his compound or family. Once his Klan power started waning, he opened the doors to the far more aggressive Aryans, which is going to be the end of his center.

Once they got in those doors the Aryans weren't about to follow the lead of a Klan pastor.

The Aryan Nations keeps losing its bases in Idaho. They've been homeless for a bit. They need a new base of operations if they plan to move forward again.

Robb's Klan compound would make a great headquarters for the Aryans. Now that the Klansman has let them in it's almost a given they'll take the Henderson, Arkansas site over, whether Robb likes it or not. Like Roper, he's entered circles that aren't going to be kind to him.

Morris L. Gulett
of the Aryan Nations
The Aryan Nations is splintered for the most part, but trying to come together. One floundering faction is led by bank robber Morris L. Gulett, who now pastors a Christian Identity church in Catuna, Louisiana.

Gulett is helping with establishing the Eastern Texas part of the pipeline, as Catuna sets near the Texas border along the route they want to get to the Gulf.

He tries to claim that he is the world leader of the Aryan Nations, but most in the fractured group don't recognize him as such.

Gulett is also closely tied to the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club - a criminal biker gang that has a presence in Oklahoma - though it appears to be minor.
Sadistic Souls Dennis McGiffen

That neo-Nazi motorcycle gang should be considered one of the Aryan Nations' factions, as under McGiffen's and Gulett's direction the Illinois-based club merged with the Aryan Nations in July 2012.

At present the Sadistic Souls seem to be the biggest and most influential faction of the Aryan Nations.

Although McGiffen and Gulett had a falling out in 2014, word is that Gulett has made amends and is betting his future on the Sadistic Souls' success. His failure at uniting the Aryan Nations and building them a world headquarters in Louisiana has been a bust. So, it looks like he is trying to save his struggling faction by warming up to those he trashed in the past. 

McGiffen, who also considers himself the true leader of the Aryan Nations, is more revenge minded and may be setting Gulett up much the way Calfy is setting up Roper.

The agenda of the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls mc is to use its updated tactics and strategies to further our goal “ Total Aryan Victory”! The ANSSMC is the vanguard of the folk being those under our Aryan Nations and the Aux units involved. Our reapers in the sadistic six will insure that we maintain our goal through the Aryan Nations national socialist ideas and polices adopted and instituted into our constitution. Our brothers that join the AN/SSmc must pledge their loyalty to our beloved motorcycle club and become members of our nation .We ride as true free Aryan bikers, not as all the traditional mc's of the world. Our men will be of the highest caliber and understand true Aryan ideology through national socialism combined with a free biker lifestyles while staying loyal to our cause.

SS Lightnin'

Until recently the Sadistic Souls were run out of Illinois, but their new base of operations is in Grovespring, MO - that's where their mailing address is. Grovespring is in Wright County, which lies within the boundaries of Roper's ShieldWall. That suggests their desire to be in the ethno-state.

In Oklahoma, the Sadistic Souls' Eric Muller is running the Aryan Nations out of prison. At least that what the club's website claims.

We reviewed the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website and conducted an inmate search. There is no Eric Muller in their database. The closest hit was a child killer named Joshua E. Muller, who is serving life without parole for murdering two children in 2009, but a review of court records shows the "E" stands for Elijah.

The Sadistic Souls could be the faction that Calfy is aligned to or is working with, which with the presence of the biker gang already in Tulsa, would already give him inroads into NE Oklahoma.

Calfy is not a biker, but an alliance with a fellow Aryan Nation faction would help all of them achieve their goals and give Calfy the muscle to take out Roper's men.

Strangely, Calfy appeared on behalf of the Aryan Nations at the National Socialist Movement's rally at the Arkansas State Capitol on Nov. 10th in Little Rock. The NSM and the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls don't get along. The SS in fact absolutely hates NSM leader Jeff Schoep.

The Master Race
On the other hand the Sadistic Souls like Billy Roper.

It could be because they need his brains.

The Sadistic Souls aren't known for their intelligence. They're your basic knuckle draggers, who prefer meth over baths - yet they've convinced themselves they're the master race.

Despite his many faults, Roper could provide them enough intelligence to plan out something like an ethno-state and pipeline to the Gulf.

Roper was not invited to the NSM event and avoided it, as did all his ShieldWall members, except Julian Calfy, who appeared on behalf of the Aryan Nations.

Calfy is sure playing a lot of sides.

He's also a notorious failed school shooter.

Julian Austin Calfy 2011 arrest
In 2011 sixteen-year-old Julian Austin Calfy decided he was going to launch a Columbine-style attack at his own high school in Dardanelle, Arkansas. 

Except the attack he was plotting was going to be far worse.

During the subsequent investigation officers found a binder with details of the Columbine shooting and a map marking the doors of Dardanelle High School with a list of items like chains and locks to secure the doors. 

A search of Calfy's home uncovered items that could be used to make explosives inside a box labeled "White Resistance Alliance". 

The investigation led to Calfy being charged as an adult for making terroristic threats and possession of explosives.

On February 11, 2014 Calfy entered a guilty plea to the charges and received a 16-year sentence to be served in an Arkansas state penitentiary.

However, when he went up for parole in 2015, Calfy received a deferred parole conditional to his completing a treatment program for violent offenders. He was then released sometime in early 2016.

After his 2016 release, Calfy, now using the code name Loki and patched by the Aryan Nations while incarcerated in an Arkansas prison, headed to Apple Valley, California where he was quickly made California State Leader of the Confederate Nazi Party.

Julian Austin Calfy
Nov 10, 2018 in Little Rock
Sometime in 2017 Calfy returned to his home state from California and hooked up with Nazi Billy Roper's Shieldwall Network in Arkansas.

Calfy had been sent to Arkansas to infiltrate and takeover ShieldWall on behalf of the Aryan Nations.

The clueless Roper quickly made Calfy the ShieldWall Network Regional coordinator- Western Arkansas. Within the last month he was put in charge of recruiting in NE Oklahoma.

He's, also, taken charge of training those recruits in his mass shooting and explosive making skills.

Whereas Billy Roper is a mouthpiece, Julian Calfy is a real terrorist.

Those recruits are working for Calfy, while Roper lives under the delusion he is running things.

Read more about Calfy