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Updated: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Lispy Jim Edition

Lispy Jim protecting a Georgia strip mall from ISIS

UPDATED 01/02/2019: More lights are going out on James "Lispy Jim" Stachowiak. After the Confederates told him to hit the road he began obsessively putting out his notorious snitch and attack videos targeting them and others.

The videos - most of which are filmed in his car, while he drives for Uber - were so threatening and abusive that YouTube deplatformed him by terminating his account. For the last week his main Facebook account hasn't been updated suggesting he's in social media jail there. The only action he's seeing right now comes from his secondary Facebook account where he has started putting out demented live streams.

Stachowiak has never been accused of mental competency, but he seems to be devolving further into his personality and mental disorders. True to fashion, even while riding in his car, Lispy Jim is waving around a gun and making threats.


True to form, Georgia's Lispy Jim Stachowiak has been kicked out of yet another group and now he's trashing them in YouTube videos, while trying to claim they've been infiltrated by Black Lives Matter and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Heirs to the Confederacy, who Lispy Jim started hanging out with recently,  were planning another vigil at the Silent Sam memorial for January 13th, but asked Stachowiak not to bother coming and that he's no longer to be associated with them.

Hate Trackers snatched up a letter sent out to the Heirs of the Confederacy leadership earlier today, which makes it clear Stachowiak is persona non grata.

Heirs to the Confederacy;

Why We Have Disassociated Ourselves With James Stachowiak

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Heirs to the Confederacy it has fallen to me to make the following statement concerning the association between Heirs (and certain other groups) and Mr. James Stachowiak (a.k.a. Johnny Infidel) on behalf of the Board and the ghost-group known simply as Leaders:

On 16 December 2018, Heirs to the Confederacy sponsored a prayer service at Silent Sam’s pedestal on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Stachowiak participated in that service. During the course of the service, we learned a few things about Mr. Stachowiak; things about his attitude and behavior that we, as the guiding hand of Heirs to the Confederacy, feel are counterproductive to our efforts as Confederate Heritage Preservationists. When Mr. Stachowiak was informed of this, he got agitated, and as is par for him, interrupted and began spouting defensive rhetoric. He was immediately blocked.

Mr. Stachowiak claims that one or more of our Board has been telling lies about him, claiming that he is, among other things, a pedophile. No one on our Board has done any such thing. The man is a legal gun owner, which means he has never been convicted of a felony. There are many different rumors and stories flying around the internet about Mr. Stachowiak and the type of person he is, but Heirs to the Confederacy has in no way propagated any of these rumors or stories. Yes, defensive statements have been made, but they have been generalized, and none have targeted Mr. Stachowiak directly.

Mr. Stachowiak, however, has threatened to “destroy” not only Heirs, but also the groups connected to certain Board members, and our personal reputations. He has threatened to tell people that we are “traitors to [our] heritage.” To this I say, “Knock yourself out. Folks know who we are and what we’re really about, and they ain’t gonna believe your lies.” He has also made disparaging comments about certain Board Members, comments which are simply not true. I have been told that he has made certain derogatory remarks about my wife and another Board member, which I believe, but to be fair I have not heard these comments myself. If this were 1818 instead of 2018, and I had heard these remarks with my own ears, he would be facing me across pistols on the Field of Honor. As it stands, such remarks had best not be made in my presence.

Mr. Stachowiak has threatened to accuse us of being aligned with certain hate groups, which is ridiculous; we have a very strict anti-racism policy. There may very well be people on our friends lists, or even in the group, but that doesn’t mean we agree with their philosophies; some people hide that sort of thing well. I will say that neither I nor any other member of the Board is racist. Feel free to message them and ask; talk to them and decide for yourself. But be careful who you accuse of what; one Board member looks as white as can be, but had seven free black ancestors who volunteered for service in the Confederate Army, has the paperwork to prove it, and is damned proud of it, as he/she should be. I’ll not tell who it is, because this person absolutely LOVES to make folks feel like fools when they claim slavery caused the War, and I’ll not spoil that; I wish I could do the same.

Mr. Stachowiak claims that he doesn’t know why we have chosen to disassociate ourselves with him. This, again, is simply not true. As I said earlier, when I informed Mr. Stachowiak why Heirs was disassociating ourselves with him, he got agitated, and as is par for him, interrupted me and began spouting defensive rhetoric, throwing all sorts of ludicrous accusations at me, like those mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs. The truth is much more simple.

The truth is that Heirs to the Confederacy have disassociated ourselves from James Stachowiak because he apparently has no self-control and cannot seem to be able to comply with our Code of Conduct. He doesn’t appear to be able to behave any better than the opposition; in many ways he behaves like a child. He seems to be insecure; the only way he knows to respond to a threat is to make one himself. We believe that he has an ego issue; it’s as if he has to be the center of attention. We also believe that he has control issues because although he said he would abide by our wishes as sponsors of the service, he didn’t; he did whatever he could to grab the attention. When asked to curb his unruly, ungentlemanly behavior, he could only do so until somebody from the opposition tried, far too easily, to goad him into a rant. He is a liability, both to our cause and to our honor, one we are not willing to carry. So be it known.

K. Lance Spivey, 31 December 2018
Board of Directors
Heirs to the Confederacy
Deo Vindice… [><]

A point of interest here is the rumors of Lispy Jim being a pedophile came from a story we did about him on December 19th. We've been monitoring and dealing with him for nearly a decade and over the years obtained a lot of disturbing information about him.

There's no felony record, because the incident with the little boy occurred in Panama and it resulted in Stachowiak being kicked out of the country.

We also treated Uber Driver Lispy Jim to a Christmas Eve story after he made some direct threats against a Marine and Antifa members.

As we reported, Stachowiak turns traitor on any group he is with. Be it the Georgia Militia, Border Watch, American Resistance Movement, the Well Regulated American Militias,  III Percenters, or NAMBLA, Lispy Jim is inevitably ousted. Then he goes and snitches out and threatens the group that got fed up with his childish and clownish behavior.

It's what he does. The Confederates should have done operational security by checking on who they were letting into their group. These bozos had such lax security they likely would've invited Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman and abolitionist John Brown into their fold.

Heirs to the War of Southern Submission. next time use Google to vet your members. 

Lispy Jim first lodged an attack against Nancy Rushton McCorkle - she has a second Facebook account here - who he was trying to woo at the Dec. 16th Silent Sam vigil. 

Nancy Rushton Is A Back Stabbing Bitch

Then he went off on the entire Heirs of Confederacy.

Compromised Confederate Groups With BLM Ties

Heirs to the Confederacy has a team of leaders we’ve identified:

Mason Crider

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