Sunday, December 23, 2018

Virgin Islands Vicky - North Dakota Woman Goes on N-word Laced Rant

Mickey Tronson
aka Virgin Islands Vicky
We weren't going to get through 2018 without having another edition of Barbecue Becky, were we?

Meet Virgin Islands Vicky - a North Dakota woman named Mickey Tronson.

While in the U.S. Virgin Islands (majority black) for a vacation, Tronson was recorded three times, hurling vile racist epithets, declaring her hatred of black people, and loathing of President Barack Obama.

According to HEAVY, "The original three-part video was recorded by Djama Esprit of Charlotte Amalie. Posted on a St. Thomas group Facebook page, Esprit said the incident occurred Dec. 13 at a dock for a small ferry on the island.

The report claims, "Edwin Lewis, a USVI resident, also had an interaction with Tronson. In his video posted to Twitter, Lewis engages with Tronson telling her that police were called and she was eventually told to leave the island. A report said USVI or St. Thomas police have not confirmed contact with Tronson. Indeed, Tronson boasts in this second video that she’d been expecting the police since she’d been told they had been called but had as of that time, had not arrived and Tronson appears unfazed, continuing her resolute racist declarations."

There's at least three videos making the rounds, but you'll get the idea of where Virgin Islands Vicky stands on race relations with just this one.

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