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The Balkanization of America: White ethno-region Nazis and Klan spreading homeland into NE Oklahoma

At present, this is the ShieldWall. It's already entered Oklahoma.

First in a series about the Balk Right

White nationalists have for decades been building a European-style ethno-region under everyone's noses.

Code named ShieldWall the attempt at a Balkanization of America has already captured huge swathes of Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri with 100 contiguous counties now having a 90%+ white population.

Now they're coming for a chunk of Oklahoma.

Members of The ShieldWall Network
The ShieldWall Network plans to keep pushing outward covering an even greater area. Right now the only path they think they can take is into Northeastern Oklahoma.

Some areas are abandoned to minorities; most notably Southern and eastern Arkansas, which have high rates of African-Americans. They want the whites living in those areas to move to the "Homeland" within the ShieldWall's borders. Part of their plan there is to relocate whites from their non-homeland into areas they wish to takeover.

Their current strategy has the white nationalist wall moving into the NE Oklahoma partial counties of Ottawa, Mayes, Wagoner, Muskogee, Adair, Sequoyah, Delaware, and all of Cherokee County.

However, that part of the state has a high concentration of Native Americans living on federal trust lands that will slow down their efforts to balkanize part of the Sooner State to where a handful of counties are hostile to the rest of the state.

So, they plan to use force and terror to run people out.

Whereas the rest of the ShieldWall encompasses 90%+ white populations the demographics in NE Oklahoma are different, which is why some of those counties are only going to be partially incorporated with the areas containing a higher density of whites being brought inside the wall.

If successful, they'll drive out African-Americans, Indigenous Peoples, and Hispanics, by making living within the borders of the ShieldWall dangerous.

They are planning on scaring non-whites out of NE Oklahoma with help from their Missouri and Arkansas forces.

"Every non-White on the planet has to become extinct. We need to remove these minor-league amateur races out of the game, and refine the playoff brackets a bit, if you get my meaning. The whole world is ours, and the only part of the earth that non-Whites should inherit is however much it requires to cover them." — Bily Roper on Blood & Honour Radio
Billy Joe Roper Jr.
Leading the efforts of ShieldWall in establishing an ethno-state is the notorious Billy Roper.

The son and grandson of Klansmen, Roper joined a racist skinhead gang in Arkansas as a teenager in the 1980s, then became a high school history teacher there before launching his adult career as a full-time white nationalist.

Roper coordinates The ShieldWall Network out of Mountain View, Arkansas in Stone County.

Roper on his own and with his personal guard aren't much of an outfit. He's, mainly, a narcissistic buffoon, who believes he's more powerful than he is.

However, his coordination on behalf of other white nationalist groups to create a movement under the same umbrella where all are working towards common goals is what is causing worry. It's also the only thing Roper has brought to the table.

They want Roper's plan and connections. They don't want him. The Aryans thinks Billy Roper is a punk.

In this ethno-state expansion Roper is merely a tool being used by more powerful groups with lots of members coming from other white nationalist groups from the West Coast and Northeast, who will dispose of him if he doesn't please and perform as he is told.

They're not coming to assist Roper. They're coming to take his plan and dispose of the clown they don't have any respect for.

Down in Texas there are other parties working on making a pathway that links Roper's area to the Gulf Coast, which would give greater resources in a rebel state than what Roper's landlocked area would.

The fact is the Deep South is heavily populated with minorities and those are areas the ShieldWall cannot hope to penetrate, so they're concentrating on the High South, Midwest, and a link to the sea.

South Arkansas with its heavy black population bars a current path to water, so that means ShieldWall must work its way down the eastern part of Oklahoma to connect to white counties in Eastern Texas.

Strategically, the white nationalists have to take Eastern Oklahoma or remain landlocked.

Mainly, the resources coming from Texas would be drugs. The white supremacist groups at the top of this pile are the "Aryan Nations" and the Aryan Brotherhood - and various offshoots. They require drugs to use and to sell to fund their own activities. Roper is in the way of that.

Although the Aryan Nations has declined in recent years there's evidence of a resurgence and it connecting itself with other violent white nationalists and criminal gangs. They are splinter and intersecting groups, so a revival of the Aryan Nations is coming, but under a new yet unknown name.

The Aryan Nations in more organized days
It's a bit like an octopus with several tentacles. The Aryan Nations may not be the actual head - there may not be one at all - but those tentacles are working together in some fashion. Who ends up on top has yet to be seen, but it certainly won't be the likes of Roper, his friends in the KKK, or anyone at the National Socialist Movement.

The king of this mountain is going to end up being dope dealers with violent prison records.

To call it all about the Aryan Nations is a bit of a stretch, but until more is known about who ends up on top of the various factions it will have to serve as a descriptor.   

The Midwest to sea pipeline where they are in control of an ethno-state, even in part, gives them a huge drug market and with them in power law enforcement would serve them. That is their vision anyway.

Billy Roper has this naive dream of a white ethno-state where the people placing themselves to take control of his plans have a vision more closely related to that of the Medellin Cartel in Columbia.

That makes Roper a stooge in all this. His Skinhead days are thirty years in the past. He's a pot-bellied guy wearing a tie now. There are lots of meaner, leaner, younger, and hungrier wolves fresh out of prison that will eat him alive and they're coming to do just that.

Within the nation's prison system the Aryan Brotherhood is at war with the Irish Mob. That's a war they're bringing onto the streets as members get released from prisons.

However, the Aryan Brotherhood may end up in control in the streets, as they've turned to snitching on the Irish Mob in prison leading to more charges and longer sentences for its members.

Or at least that's their plan.

For the Aryans a white ethno-state must be built on a drug economy, such as seen in South and Central America.

Roper's plan has always been the ShieldWall, but it came with major deficiencies. Others had to correct it and make it more viable.

At this stage of the game Billy Roper and his wife Tina are expendable. The good ole Klan boys involved with them are just going to be used as pawns too.

Roper believes his "elite unit" called the Phalanx will keep him in control of things. They won't. Like Roper they're out-of-shape country boys that will go down quickly at the boots of the hardened meth-fueled Aryans, who have histories of killing; not just marching in the streets with shields and swastikas.

To avoid that take down the Phalanx will turn on Roper and serve the Aryans.

Most Aryans come right out of prison. Inmates in the vein of Billy Roper are punked out by the truly violent and not just mouthy Aryans.

It's believed that Roper's inner circle has already been infiltrated by the man others will use to remove the Ropers off the board.

That's likely a member of the Aryan Nations named Julian Austin Calfy - a psychopath and terrorist.

Arkansas native Calfy has connected to Roper and ShieldWall, but he actually came from California after relocating there after a prison stint. He's under orders from the actual Aryan Nations to infiltrate Roper's group, so they can be situated to takeover, when they're ready.

Calfy is the common denominator between ShieldWall, the Aryan Nations, and white supremacist prison gangs. He's also Nazi, Klan, and Confederacy. Those are all tentacles of the larger beast - with Calfy working each one under someone's orders.

Calfy has already gotten some of the Northwestern Arkansas ShieldWall Phalanx to secretly come over to his side, while making it appear they're still devoted to Roper.

Now Calfy is placed to turn Eastern Oklahoma for the higher powers that sent him in to infiltrate Roper's group.

Once Calfy links his people to Texas the deaths of Billy and Tina Roper are quite likely, as the Aryans don't like loose ends that talk too much.

Billy does a lot of talking.

It's been Roper's inability to stop running his mouth and putting plans online that has given Hate Trackers access to so much of what is going on in all this. His inability to practice operational security is a sin the Aryans never ever forgive.

Billy Roper is a snitch that isn't aware he's a snitch.

Billy Roper, the Coordinator of The ShieldWall Network,
gives a speech on September 29th in Texas, at the 2018
ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference

To develop the pipeline to the Gulf is exactly why neo-Nazis with the assistance of the Ku Klux Klan have started heavily recruiting in NE Oklahoma. It's a slow methodical process that threatens the entire state, while strengthening strongholds in Missouri and Arkansas. The uptick in recruiting in the area means they're ready to make a move on Oklahoma beginning with the NE part and moving to the SE - an area already known as Little Dixie. There they'll meet up with the group working to run NE Texas all the way down to the Gulf.

It should be noted that their white ethno-state in whole will ban homosexuals and trans people, as well as any white that does not accept their fascist ideologies.

That's Roper's plan though. The Aryans may have different goals in that regard. The Aryan Brotherhood are known to take male inmates as submissive lovers and use them in prison prostitution rings. That's often forced homosexuality. They're known to force feminization on other men as well.

They may or may not continue that practice within any ethno-state they control.

This ethno-state process is all part of what's called the Second Civil War, but it's an insidious and secret form of a civil war where they're setting up the chess board for a real war. These groups believe a civil war to be inevitable. Roper predicts it coming within five years.

To a reasoned mind that's insane, but it is their belief and plan.
KKK National Director Thomas A. Robb

On December 15th, 2018, white nationalists with The ShieldWall Network will be having a conference in north-central Arkansas (what they call Ozarkia).

Although the location is being kept secret, Hate Trackers believes that gathering will be done in Boone County, Arkansas on the grounds of a large Ku Klux Klan enclave run by Thomas A. Robb.

Robb and Roper have become extremely chummy over the last couple of years.

Robb is national director of The Knights Party, also known as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and a pastor at the rural Boone County, Arkansas Christian Revival Center. He's America's leading klansman.

The Christian Revival Center, which sits on a hundred acres, would be one of the only places for the white nationalists to gather that wouldn't draw a lot of outside attention. 

It is only 15 miles from Harrison, Arkansas and about 30 miles from Branson, Missouri. The Center’s campus includes a church, office, cabins, and a camping area for those attending conferences in the center.

Harrison has a history of racial hatred rooted in riots in 1905 and 1909. In the first one, blacks were whipped and beaten and a white mob shot out windows, burned about 30 homes of blacks and ordered blacks to leave the city.

The Ozarks are one of three hot spots for white supremacy. The other two are in Idaho and North Carolina. The Henderson, Arkansas area, however, is America's top hot spot for such activities. The town has recorded as many as seven hate groups being headquartered there.

Due to its reputation of being all-white, Robb relocated his family there from Arizona in 1971.

Like Roper, Thomas Robb is considered a punk by the Aryans and he will either have to serve them or be disposed of.

Most of that has to do with Robb's running hot and cold with the Aryan Nations.

Robb used to not let Nazis and Skinheads anywhere near his compound or family. Once his Klan power started waning, he opened the doors to the far more aggressive Aryans, which is going to be the end of his center.

Once they got in those doors the Aryans weren't about to follow the lead of a Klan pastor.

The Aryan Nations keeps losing its bases in Idaho. They've been homeless for a bit. They need a new base of operations if they plan to move forward again.

Robb's Klan compound would make a great headquarters for the Aryans. Now that the Klansman has let them in it's almost a given they'll take the Henderson, Arkansas site over, whether Robb likes it or not. Like Roper, he's entered circles that aren't going to be kind to him.

Morris L. Gulett
of the Aryan Nations
The Aryan Nations is splintered for the most part, but trying to come together. One floundering faction is led by bank robber Morris L. Gulett, who now pastors a Christian Identity church in Catuna, Louisiana.

Gulett is helping with establishing the Eastern Texas part of the pipeline, as Catuna sets near the Texas border along the route they want to get to the Gulf.

He tries to claim that he is the world leader of the Aryan Nations, but most in the fractured group don't recognize him as such.

Gulett is also closely tied to the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club - a criminal biker gang that has a presence in Oklahoma - though it appears to be minor.
Sadistic Souls Dennis McGiffen

That neo-Nazi motorcycle gang should be considered one of the Aryan Nations' factions, as under McGiffen's and Gulett's direction the Illinois-based club merged with the Aryan Nations in July 2012.

At present the Sadistic Souls seem to be the biggest and most influential faction of the Aryan Nations.

Although McGiffen and Gulett had a falling out in 2014, word is that Gulett has made amends and is betting his future on the Sadistic Souls' success. His failure at uniting the Aryan Nations and building them a world headquarters in Louisiana has been a bust. So, it looks like he is trying to save his struggling faction by warming up to those he trashed in the past. 

McGiffen, who also considers himself the true leader of the Aryan Nations, is more revenge minded and may be setting Gulett up much the way Calfy is setting up Roper.

The agenda of the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls mc is to use its updated tactics and strategies to further our goal “ Total Aryan Victory”! The ANSSMC is the vanguard of the folk being those under our Aryan Nations and the Aux units involved. Our reapers in the sadistic six will insure that we maintain our goal through the Aryan Nations national socialist ideas and polices adopted and instituted into our constitution. Our brothers that join the AN/SSmc must pledge their loyalty to our beloved motorcycle club and become members of our nation .We ride as true free Aryan bikers, not as all the traditional mc's of the world. Our men will be of the highest caliber and understand true Aryan ideology through national socialism combined with a free biker lifestyles while staying loyal to our cause.

SS Lightnin'

Until recently the Sadistic Souls were run out of Illinois, but their new base of operations is in Grovespring, MO - that's where their mailing address is. Grovespring is in Wright County, which lies within the boundaries of Roper's ShieldWall. That suggests their desire to be in the ethno-state.

In Oklahoma, the Sadistic Souls' Eric Muller is running the Aryan Nations out of prison. At least that what the club's website claims.

We reviewed the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website and conducted an inmate search. There is no Eric Muller in their database. The closest hit was a child killer named Joshua E. Muller, who is serving life without parole for murdering two children in 2009, but a review of court records shows the "E" stands for Elijah.

The Sadistic Souls could be the faction that Calfy is aligned to or is working with, which with the presence of the biker gang already in Tulsa, would already give him inroads into NE Oklahoma.

Calfy is not a biker, but an alliance with a fellow Aryan Nation faction would help all of them achieve their goals and give Calfy the muscle to take out Roper's men.

Strangely, Calfy appeared on behalf of the Aryan Nations at the National Socialist Movement's rally at the Arkansas State Capitol on Nov. 10th in Little Rock. The NSM and the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls don't get along. The SS in fact absolutely hates NSM leader Jeff Schoep.

The Master Race
On the other hand the Sadistic Souls like Billy Roper.

It could be because they need his brains.

The Sadistic Souls aren't known for their intelligence. They're your basic knuckle draggers, who prefer meth over baths - yet they've convinced themselves they're the master race.

Despite his many faults, Roper could provide them enough intelligence to plan out something like an ethno-state and pipeline to the Gulf.

Roper was not invited to the NSM event and avoided it, as did all his ShieldWall members, except Julian Calfy, who appeared on behalf of the Aryan Nations.

Calfy is sure playing a lot of sides.

He's also a notorious failed school shooter.

Julian Austin Calfy 2011 arrest
In 2011 sixteen-year-old Julian Austin Calfy decided he was going to launch a Columbine-style attack at his own high school in Dardanelle, Arkansas. 

Except the attack he was plotting was going to be far worse.

During the subsequent investigation officers found a binder with details of the Columbine shooting and a map marking the doors of Dardanelle High School with a list of items like chains and locks to secure the doors. 

A search of Calfy's home uncovered items that could be used to make explosives inside a box labeled "White Resistance Alliance". 

The investigation led to Calfy being charged as an adult for making terroristic threats and possession of explosives.

On February 11, 2014 Calfy entered a guilty plea to the charges and received a 16-year sentence to be served in an Arkansas state penitentiary.

However, when he went up for parole in 2015, Calfy received a deferred parole conditional to his completing a treatment program for violent offenders. He was then released sometime in early 2016.

After his 2016 release, Calfy, now using the code name Loki and patched by the Aryan Nations while incarcerated in an Arkansas prison, headed to Apple Valley, California where he was quickly made California State Leader of the Confederate Nazi Party.

Julian Austin Calfy
Nov 10, 2018 in Little Rock
Sometime in 2017 Calfy returned to his home state from California and hooked up with Nazi Billy Roper's Shieldwall Network in Arkansas.

Calfy had been sent to Arkansas to infiltrate and takeover ShieldWall on behalf of the Aryan Nations.

The clueless Roper quickly made Calfy the ShieldWall Network Regional coordinator- Western Arkansas. Within the last month he was put in charge of recruiting in NE Oklahoma.

He's, also, taken charge of training those recruits in his mass shooting and explosive making skills.

Whereas Billy Roper is a mouthpiece, Julian Calfy is a real terrorist.

Those recruits are working for Calfy, while Roper lives under the delusion he is running things.

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