Thursday, January 10, 2019

Saturday's 'Stand Against Communism' Event in Charlotte is Front for Proto-Fascist LGBTQ Group

This Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina a group called Deplorable Pride will be operating a rally it claims will be taking a stand against communism. However, that group isn't quite who they purport to be and they are attracting a mixture of homophobes, Islamophobes, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and a Proud Boy.

Deplorable Pride says it is just a political group of conservative LGBTQ Trump supporters, who want to take a stand for the president.   

A Facebook event page for the gathering says, "As many of you know there has been a rise in violence from groups like antifa and the red guards in this country. These groups are starting to form in Charlotte NC and the ones here have called for bloodshed in the streets of Charlotte against Republicans and Trump supporters. Patriots from all walks of life will converge on Charlotte to expose the trash that is living inside our city. This will be the day that we will speak loud and clear that communists and communism are not welcome here. We plan to expose them where they live, work and play."

Their history suggests they have something up their sleeves.

Brian Talbert
Proto-fascist Brian Talbert, 48, founder of Deplorable Pride and a self-hating gay man, was arrested and charged with assault on a female back in May 2018 after another event he organized turned violent - this after he stood on a Charlotte street corner spewing racial slurs and screaming at women. However, last week he was found not guilty of the charges despite there being ample witness testimony against him.

Deplorable Pride has a checkered origin beginning in the summer of 2017, when it was denied entry into the Charlotte Pride Parade after officials deemed the group not compatible to its mission and was in fact that despite being an LGBTQ-run organization was actually quite anti-LGBTQ .

In determining that Deplorable Pride is an alt-right hate group Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) reported, "The group is led by Brian Talbert, who has used or promoted inflammatory language against Muslims, women, and even the LGBTQ community itself."

GLAAD further stated the group used anti-LGBTQ terms to attack people  including the slur "faggot" and in a Facebook post Islamophobe Talbert threatened to kill every single Muslim.

Although Deplorable Pride has a website there's very little on it. The organization functions mainly from their Facebook page.

Alan Swinney
Also, helping with the gathering are Ted and Kristyna Chmielnicki of T.C. Media, who tend to the low hanging fruit on the wannabe a Gavin McInnes tree. They just can't seem to get past a low end social media presence and are having problems luring an audience to their online streams.

Online sleuths are also reporting Proud Boy Alan Swinney and at least one member of the neo-Nazi skinhead group Hammerskin Nation named Thomas Woods II will be around.

Swinney is from the Texas Proud Boys and travels the country looking for trouble, while suited up in some thrown together outfit from the wardrobe department of a 'Mad Max' film.

One person who may or may not be there will be the white nationalist holocaust denier Jack Corbin, who uses the aliases Daniel McMahon, Pale Horse, and Dakota Stone.

On Saturday Corbin posted this on Gab

On the heels of his recent court victory Talbert and his fellow fascists are quitel likely trying to draw out antifascists for a repeat street brawl Saturday. There's currently a lot of social media taunting going on from all factions, so Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte where the rally is being held from 1-5 pm will likely be the scene of political violence this weekend.    

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