Monday, February 4, 2019

DeHooded: Tulsa County Court Clerk Employee, Husband Live Secret Lives in the Ku Klux Klan


Monday, February 4, 2019

68-year-old Bondell "Bonnie" Kukla is a long-time employee of the Tulsa County Court Clerk having previously worked in the juvenile bureau for them and now in the regular court clerk's office.

Bonnie Kukla's current position was confirmed to us Monday, February 4, 2019, via a Facebook message from Hayley Garrison the Operations Administrator at Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau.

Although Bonnie's day job is working for Tulsa County, for many years she's been living a secret life.

Bonnie and her husband Stephen Clinton Kukla, age 67, are white supremacists and long-time members of the Ku Klux Klan. They travel to various Klan chapters throughout the South preaching, speaking, and entertaining through song.

Besides Klan functions, the couple sing duets at Christian Identity churches.

In the photo to the right, the Kukla's are performing at the anti-Semitic Pastor Dan Gayman's Church of Israel (formerly the Church of Our Christian Heritage). That church is located in Schell City, Missouri.

According to Wiki, Gayman is famous for propagating the theology known as "two-seedline", or "serpent seed" doctrine. This doctrine holds that white people are descendants of Adam and are hence the chosen people of God. The Jewish people are said to be descendants of Cain and thus of Satan. 

The Serpent Seed Doctrine, also known as the Two Seed Line, is part of the Christian Identity movement that adheres to a white supremacist theology. 

One of the Church of Israel's most notorious members was Eric Rudolph - the Olympic Park Bomber. The serial bomber also attacked gay bars and abortion clinics throughout the South most notably in Georgia and Alabama.

The Kuklas are native to Alabama, but it's unknown when exactly they relocated to Tulsa.

Both Kuklas are members of Tulsa's Christian Identity community and attend Rose Hill Covenant Church at 1245 N Canton Ave in Tulsa. Steve is the music minister there.

The Rose Hill pastor is white nationalist Charles Jennings, who is also the religious leader of Kingdom Treasure Ministries, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as “Neo-Confederate.”

Jennings runs the white nationalist Truth In History website too.

The Kukla's drive a Chevy Equinox with license plate Oklahoma NEWZION that advertises "Steve Kukla's Signs". The phone number on that decal is 918-234-SIGN (7446). The America First in the rear window is a familiar Ku Klux Klan term.

That phone number is registered to Blondell Kukla (Bonnie) and is also being used for a business called Sovereign Studios. We've yet to locate any information for the studio.

Stephen Kukla's vehicle
Bonnie Kukla's vehicle

The following video shows Steve Kukla giving a speech at the Knights Party National Leadership Conference 2017.

In 2017 Steve and Bonnie Kukla were the musical entertainment at that gathering.  Their appearance is noted on a KKK website page.

Part of the events at that conference included a cross lighting, which is more familiarly known as a cross burning.

During the cross burning, Steve Kuklar sang Old Rugged Cross.

This year in April Steve Kukla is scheduled to be at the latest Faith and Freedom Conference, hosted by The Knights Party at the Christian Revival Center in Arkansas.

An anti-Obama parody song by Steve & Bonnie Kukla,
brought to you by

In promoting the event a Ku Klux Klan website describes Kukla as "Steve is an author, entertainer, and Christian evangelist with a deep love for Jesus Christ and our people."

That center is part of a huge Klan compound run by Pastor Thomas Robb, the national director of The Knight's Party.

KKK Compound in Arkansas

The Christian Revival Center is located in Boone County Arkansas at 6400 Leadhill Rd near Harrison, Arkansas.

It is only 15 miles from Harrison and about 30 miles from Branson, Missouri.

The Center’s 100-acre campus includes a church, office, cabins and camping area for those attending white nationalist gatherings there.

The Knight's Party business office number there is 870-427-3414.

Although this compound has been under Robb's control since 1971, the compound has begun a major construction expansion this year.

They're also doing some remodeling on the older buildings there.

This flyer for the White Patriots gathering at the Ku Klux Klan compound
mentions Steve and Bonnie as providing entertainment.

The Kuklas are only the first we'll be profiling in the lead up to the hate conference. The line up for the conference is a who's who of klan members and Nazis, who have our attention too.

That line up is:

Dr. Tomislav Sunic, former Croatian diplomat, author, polyglot, and professor at the University of California, Long Beach. He's a known fascist, who gives an intellectual voice to white nationalism.
Jason Robb, Constitutional attorney with an office in Harrison. He's the son of Klan leader Thomas Robb and acts as the attorney for several KKK causes.
Billy Roper, Nazi coordinator of The ShieldWall Network based in Mountain View, Arkansas, that seeks to create a white nation in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. The SPLC considers him the violent voice of the neo-Nazis. 
Rachel Pendergraft, National Coordinator of The Knights Party. Daughter of Thomas Robb.
Pastor Thomas Robb - Runs the KKK compound and the Christian Revival Center in Arkansas. He's the national director for the Knights Party, also known as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 
Tom Bowie, former Presidential Candidate from Maryland
Steve Kukla, a Christian Identity minister and klansman from Oklahoma
William Daniel Johnson, a racist attorney and leader of the American Freedom Party, which promotes white nationalism
Coincidence, destiny, or what?

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