Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Former Heirs of the Confederacy Member 'Lynches' Stacey Abrams Sign

James Stachowiak committing another act of arson
James "Lispy Jim" Stachowiak of Georgia, who was recently kicked out of the Heirs of the Confederacy, has brought back a video he filmed in the fall showing him lynching a Stacey Abrams campaign sign.

In the video Lispy Jim refers to Ms. Abrams as a "commie bitch".

Stacey Abrams
The video appears to have originally been posted in early November, when Abrams was running for Georgia governor against Republican Brian Kemp.

A number of Stachowiak's unhinged videos, including one calling for the execution of black women and children, were pulled by YouTube and him banned from the platform in December. The crank has since started reviving his ravings and posting them on Facebook.

In the case of the featured video here, Abrams response to Trump's State of the Union address appears to have triggered Stachowiak into reposting it.

Brian Kemp with Stachowiak before November's election.
Lispy Jim has long been known to be a bit on the unstable side with a flair for being a theatrical firebug. However, one attempt in 2012 to burn a Democrat sign resulted in his burning down his mother's property and his running down the street screaming in terror.

The house, the house, the house is on fire!
Stachowiak was kicked out of the Heirs of the Confederacy last month after allegations arose that he was a lewd child molester. His reaction to that was to begin stalking a member named Nancy Rushton and her young son.

There has been a rumor that Stachowiak defecated in his yard and compared it to a photograph of Rushton on a now banned YouTube video.

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