Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Oklahoma Event Center Refuses to Host Gay Man's Wedding

Rosemary Ridge Event Venue

Ryan and Shelby Rogers, owners of the Rosemary Ridge Event Venue in Orlando, Oklahoma, are refusing to host a gay wedding after asserting their religious beliefs.

On a Facebook page called Stillwater, Oklahoma Community Watch Page Waleah Walker-Norton - the mother of one of the gay men turned down by Rosemary Ridge -  explained the situation in a a February 2nd post.

She stated "My son was turned away from Rosemary Ridge, a wedding and event venue in Stillwater, Oklahoma because he is gay. They denied him because of their “religious beliefs”. That, dear friends, was a mistake for many reasons, but first and foremost, because they advertise as a Christian family. Christian families don’t discriminate. Period. Any God worth worshipping is not going to suggest or approve of that. What I heard in Rosemary Ridge’s message is not love or acceptance as Jesus repeats over and over and over again. No, it’s the opposite of love-it’s hate. It’s exclusion. Its saying my son is not worthy of marrying the person he loves in the business that God has provided them. It’s saying that God doesn’t love my son as much as much as someone else’s. It is okay if you disagree agree with how God made our son, you can address that your Savior, but don’t you dare use your religion as a flimsy excuse for your hideous, discriminatory behavior. That gives good Christians and our Lord and Savior a bad name. I will stand for what is good and right in this world and I will shine the light, the divine in me, on its darkness. I have written my first ever negative review on a Stillwater business and I don’t regret it one tiny bit."

The Rogers say of their venue, "Rosemary Ridge is the fruition of a dream we’ve had for a long time. Our deepest passions lie in caring for the land and celebrating the covenant of marriage. It has been a complete joy to see Rosemary Ridge become a place where both of those things happen in harmony. Yes, the property is our home, but in many ways it’s home for all the couples that start a new chapter of their life here. We love seeing each unique event come to life at The Ridge and we are thankful to God that our family gets to play a small part in each couples story."

According to the Bible the Rogers undoubtedly wave above their heads, but may not read very much, there are eight types of marriage:
  • The standard nuclear family
  • Polygamous marriage
  • Marriage to brother-in-law
  • Marriage between a man and his female slave
  • A man, lots of wives, and a gaggle of concubines
  • A male soldier and a female prisoner of war
  • A male rapist and his victim
  • A male and any virgin he abducts from a neighboring village
Or you could even perhaps be an elderly man named Joseph, marrying a fourteen-year-old girl named Mary, who has been supernaturally impregnated by an Angel. That would count as a Biblical marriage. Yeah, often left out of the Sunday School lessons are the fact that Joseph was a senior citizen, Mary a child, and Baby Jesus daddy by proxy another species carrying the semen of God. 

So, it would appear that someone abducting and/or raping children - be they a human male or a supernatural creature - would pass the requirements of Ryan and Shelby Rogers' facilities and religious sensibilities.

Just no gays. 

The Rosemary Ridge Event Venue is located on stolen Native American land at 15205 West 6th Street, in Orlando, OK, and uses the phone number (903) 217-9363. Email: info@rosemary-ridge.com

Their social media accounts: Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Shelbey's Facebook

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