Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bigoted Edmond Oklahoma Veterinarian Claims Jesus Hates Gay People

Edmond, Oklahoma Veterinarian Zac Coldiron
In the latest edition of Oklahoma Hates Gays, we're featuring an Edmond, Oklahoma veterinarian named Dr. Zachary S. Coldiron, who has proclaimed that Jesus hates gay people and he's alright with that.

Let's peek in at one of his Facebook posts.

Well that wasn't very pleasant, now was it? Someone talking like that acts as if they have nothing to lose.

Damn, Dr. Coldiron even looks like the type to talk like that.

Stoneridge Animal Hospital

Coldiron has another vet working with him named Bruce Minson. He's into the Confederacy. Imagine that.

Could this get any worse? Yep.

Dr. Coldiron are you a bigot or something?

Can it get anymore creepy? *gulp* Passion for the exotic?

I would never have guessed this next part. 

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