Thursday, June 27, 2019

Former Oklahoma Dem Governor David Walters spent debate time going full-blown racist on Twitter

Former Oklahoma Gov. David Walters

One-term Oklahoma Democratic Governor David L. Walters found himself in a social media firestorm during the presidential primary debate Wednesday night.

The governor did not like anyone talking Spanish during the debate.

Walters' true feelings about Spanish-speakers - some forty million Americans speak the language in their homes -  came after two candidates running in the Democratic primary spoke the language.

To show his dissatisfaction, Walters went on Twitter

Screenshot of a now deleted Tweet sent to Hate Trackers
Screenshot we discovered remaining on Twitter

It's not known how the DNC will address the actions of Walters, who is an OK Democratic National Committeeman.

Walters was last seen in public back in March during a series of racist vandalisms that included an attack on the Oklahoma City headquarters of the Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP). Back then, he was decrying the racism to the television cameras.

Strangely, that's a building he owns and where he leases office space to both the Oklahoma Democratic Party and the Oklahoma County Democratic Party, because just as much as racism remains a part of the Sooner State party's standards, so does graft.

Since Walters outed himself as a racist last night, others have come forward testifying such racism is normal for the former governor.

The Oklahoma Democrats' 2018 gubernatorial candidate Drew Edmondson, also has some racist issues to work on. Last summer, he posted the photo below of him (black jacket) posing with Oklahoma's infamous restaurant character Eskimo Joe - because it's Oklahoma and even the restaurants are racist.

Oklahoma Democrat Drew Edmondson posing with racist trope.

The racist caricature remained on Edmondson's candidate Facebook page for three months despite numerous First Nations and Indigenous Peoples telling him they considered it a racist trope in line with a minstrel show character. 

Earlier this month, tiring of the constant racism within the state party leadership, Oklahoma Democrats elected African-American Alicia Andrews to chair the ODP.

One of her first acts as chair will likely be to address this act of racism.

Newly elected ODP Chair Alicia Andrews holding a Say No 2 Hate sign at the
OKC Pride Parade this month. A message Walters apparently did not get.

Walters was the Oklahoma governor from 1991 to 1995. During his tenure, he was charged with election fraud, which he'd later plea bargain down to a misdemeanor and paid a hefty fine. After one year of good behavior, his criminal record was expunged. He did not seek re-election.

Despite that corruption, he has remained one of Oklahoma's most popular Democrats.

Both Walters and the Oklahoma Democratic Party have, so far, refused comment on this controversy.

However, Ashley Nicole McCray, recently elected to the ODP Central Committee, promises the subject will be addressed at this Saturday's meeting.

McCray is from the Oglala Lakota nation and is an enrolled member of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.

In the recent past, the ODP was quite concerned that someone like McCray - meaning a nonwhite - would get on their Central Committee.

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