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Mass murderer Dylann Roof using outside Nazi to deliver letter to Tucker Carlson, while a potential killer lurks in the background

The killer, the Nazi, and the propagandist

UPDATE: We now have the full letter. 

Imprisoned mass murderer Dylann Roof is sending letters to a Nazi in Arkansas - one of which is being delivered to Fox News figure Tucker Carlson.

We discovered this while monitoring American Nazi activity on the Russian social media site VKontakte - located at

So far, Nazi Billy Roper has posted just the first page of Roof's letter to Tucker Carlson, but promises more in the days ahead. As more of the letter is obtained, it will be interesting to find out exactly what the racist psychopath wants and why he's using a sociopath like Roper to deliver his letter.

Those entries can be found on Roper's VK page.

During a Bible study on June 17, 2015, unemployed Dylann Storm Roof, then age 21, entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and killed nine black people.

Roof's white nationalist ideology, something promoted by both Billy Roper and Tucker Carlson, was soon discovered.

Media Matters has reported on Tucker Carlson's continued courting of white supremacists - something which may be drawing Roof to him.
Since the early days of his tenure as a Fox prime-time host, Tucker Carlson’s unabashed championing of white grievances earned him the accolades of neo-Nazis, who praised him as a “one man gas chamber” and complimented the way he “lampshad[ed] Jews on national television.” While Carlson claims to have nothing in common with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, he constantly echoes their talking points on his show and was very reluctant to condemn white supremacists following their deadly 2017 demonstration in Charlottesville, VA. In fact, Carlson’s racist roots can be traced back more than a decade.

Roof's pen pal the foiled terrorist Elizabeth Lacron
This isn't the first time we've monitored Roper communicating with the mass murderer.

Nor is Roper the only white nationalist Roof has corresponded with.

On December 10, 2018 Elizabeth Lacron of Toledo, Ohio, who was a pen-pal of Dylann Roof, was arrested for plotting a mass murder herself.

According to The Root, Lecron was arrested after authorities allege she purchased two pounds of gunpowder and 600 screws. She has been charged with one count of transportation of explosives and explosive material for the purpose of harming others and property, and faces up to 10 years in prison.

“Underlying all of these plans, though, was Ms. Lecron’s fascination with mass casualty events,” said U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman.

"In addition to journal entries that made Lecron’s involvement in a plan to commit an “upscale mass murder,” a search of Lecron’s home in August revealed an AK-47, along with a shotgun, handguns, bullets and end caps used for building pipe bombs."

After her arrest, prison officials said Roof was only writing to four people.

Lacron and Billy Roper were two of those people.

Roper runs a Nazi group called the ShieldWall Network in Arkansas. He's been struggling to organize having spent nearly three decades of Nazi recruiting without ever accomplishing having more than a handful of fascists.

"Every non-White on the planet has to become extinct. We need to remove these minor-league amateur races out of the game, and refine the playoff brackets a bit, if you get my meaning. The whole world is ours, and the only part of the earth that non-Whites should inherit is however much it requires to cover them." — Billy Roper on Blood & Honour Radio

Billy Joe Roper
Billy Joe Roper Jr of Mountain View, AR has been involved in hate and terror groups all his life. Both his father and his grandfather were with the Ku Klux Klan. As a teenager in the Eighties he got involved in a skinhead racist group. That led to his delusional plan to Balkinize the Ozarks.

Roper's plan is to create a white ethno state, by force if necessary. How he plans to actually move that beyond a fantasy using only a dozen meth-addled Nazi punks leads one to question Roper's mental state.

Roper on his own and with his personal guard aren't much of an outfit. He's, mainly, a narcissistic buffoon, who believes he's more powerful than he is.

However, his coordination on behalf of other white nationalist groups to create a movement under the same umbrella where all are working towards common goals is what is causing worry. It's also the only thing Roper has brought to the table.

Roper's current plan for the mythical Kingdom of Ozarkia

They want Roper's plan and connections. They don't want him. The Aryans thinks Billy Roper is a punk.

In this ethno-state expansion, Roper is merely a tool being used by more powerful groups with lots of members coming from other white nationalist groups from the West Coast and Northeast, who will dispose of him if he doesn't please and perform as he is told.

They're not coming to assist Roper. They're coming to take his plan and dispose of the clown they don't have any respect for.

Down in Texas there are other parties working on making a pathway that links Roper's area to the Gulf Coast, which would give greater resources in a rebel state than what Roper's landlocked area would. 

Julian Calfy under arrest after foiled terrorist plot 
Roper's consistent failures have left him with about a dozen of the state's more seedy residents, including the violent criminal Julian Calfy.

In 2011 sixteen-year-old Julian Austin Calfy was going to launch a Columbine-style attack at his own high school in Dardanelle, Arkansas.

Except the attack he was plotting was going to be far worse.

During the subsequent investigation officers found a binder with details of the Columbine shooting and a map marking the doors of Dardanelle High School with a list of items like chains and locks to secure the doors.

A search of Calfy's home uncovered items that could be used to make explosives inside a box labeled "White Resistance Alliance".

The investigation led to Calfy being charged as an adult for making terroristic threats and possession of explosives.

On February 11, 2014 Calfy entered a guilty plea to the charges and received a 16-year sentence to be served in an Arkansas state penitentiary.

However, when he went up for parole in 2015, Calfy received a deferred parole conditional to his completing a treatment program for violent offenders. He was then released sometime in early 2016.

After his 2016 release, Calfy, now using the code name Loki and patched by the Aryan Nations while incarcerated in an Arkansas prison, headed to Apple Valley, California where he was quickly made California State Leader of the Confederate Nazi Party. He ended up returning to Arkansas.

He's now a rising leader in Roper's ShieldWall Network, as small as it is.

That's three monsters - Roof, Lacron, and Calfy - that are connected to lightweight Billy Roper. 

Julian Austin Calfy
Nov 10, 2018 in Little Rock
Calfy has long been believed to be a plant in Roper's ShieldWall with the intentions of taking over and disposing of the fascist clown. 

Indeed, Calfy has begun taking much of Roper's limelight away and filling ShieldWall with his own men. An inevitable war between Calfy and Roper is brewing with the old guard expected to fall.

In May, Roper and Calfy led a band of masked Nazis to terrorize a Holocaust memorial event in Russellville, Arkansas that became international news.

Calfy was on the bullhorn hurling anti-Semitic slurs, while Roper wore his usual off-the-rack suit trying to appear as normal as a Nazi can appear normal.

In April, both Roper and Calfy attended the Faith & Freedom Conference at the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan near Harrison, Arkansas. Also, attending that event were controversial Tulsa, Oklahoma residents Steve and Bonnie Kukla.

Roper speaking at the KKK gathering. Steve Kukla is in the Confederate flag shirt.

Bonnie Kukla is an employee of Tulsa County Court Clerk Don Newberry, who refuses to terminate her.

The Christian Revival Center is only 15 miles from Harrison, Arkansas and about 30 miles from Branson, Missouri. The Center’s campus includes a church, office, cabins, and a camping area for those attending conferences in the center.

Harrison has a history of racial hatred rooted in riots in 1905 and 1909. In the first one, blacks were whipped and beaten and a white mob shot out windows, burned about 30 homes of blacks and ordered blacks to leave the city.

Knights Party leader Pastor Thomas Robb
The Ozarks are one of three hot spots for white supremacy. The other two are in Idaho and North Carolina. The Henderson, Arkansas area, however, is America's top hot spot for such activities. The town has recorded as many as seven hate groups being headquartered there.

Due to its reputation of being all-white, Robb relocated his family there from Arizona in 1971.

Like Roper, Thomas Robb is considered a punk by the Aryans and he will either have to serve them or be disposed of.

Most of that has to do with Robb's running hot and cold with the Aryan Nations.

Robb used to not let Nazis and Skinheads anywhere near his compound or family. Once his Klan power started waning, he opened the doors to the far more aggressive Aryans, which is going to be the end of his center.

Once they got in those doors the Aryans weren't about to follow the lead of a Klan pastor.

The Aryan Nations keeps losing its bases in Idaho. They've been homeless for a bit. They need a new base of operations if they plan to move forward again.

Robb's Klan compound would make a great headquarters for the Aryans. Now that the Klansman has let them in it's almost a given they'll take the Henderson, Arkansas site over, whether Robb likes it or not. 

Like Roper, he's entered circles that aren't going to be kind to him.

The Aryan Nations is splintered for the most part, but trying to come together. One floundering faction is led by bank robber Morris L. Gulett, who now pastors a Christian Identity church in Catuna, Louisiana.

Morris L. Gulett
of the Aryan Nations
Gulett is helping with establishing the Eastern Texas part of the white ethno state pipeline, as Catuna sets near the Texas border along the route they want to get to the Gulf.

He tries to claim that he is the world leader of the Aryan Nations, but most in the fractured group don't recognize him as such.

Gulett is also closely tied to the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club - a criminal biker gang that has a presence in Oklahoma - though it appears to be minor.

Julian Calfy, who is already recruiting ecofascists and networking with new younger groups, is a plant by Aryans. He will eventually takeover ShieldWall and then it's on to the Knight's Compound.

Dylann Roof will be needing a new mail delivery boy, as fascists like Billy Roper are displaced in lieu of the New Aryans - a nascent mixture of Aryan Nations, ecofascists, and Catholic Nationalists.

Like Dylann Roof, Calfy wants to be a mass murderer. He's building towards that, but this time utilizing an army.

We've been tracking these trends for months and watched as these plans bear fruit.

Hate Trackers has reached out to corrections officials asking why they are allowing the notorious racist killer Roof to correspond with violent Nazis, but has yet to receive a response.

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