Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cherokee Nation has multi-million dollar contract with Customs & Border Patrol at El Paso facility

Migrants held in temporary fencing underneath the
Paso Del Norte Bridge await processing in El Paso, Texas

Beginning 527 years ago, invaders coming east from the Atlantic Ocean landed on the New Land, which was inhabited by Indigenous People.

Soon came genocide, slavery, forced removal, concentration camps, and forced sterilization.

After stealing the land, the white Europeans would begin setting up laws to where the Indigenous could and could not live. They penciled in borders on their maps and declared no one could cross onto the land they stole without their permission.

But they wanted more. No matter how many they killed, no matter how much they took, their bloodlust and greed was unquenchable.

Thus, they sent their spies and military south of the border that they had drawn and began trying to overthrow even more nations; some already taken by colonialists, who, also, displaced the Indigenous.   

Caught between one group of colonizers wanting to take from another group of colonizers and their allies, the Indigenous found their villages burned, their people dumped into mass graves, their women raped, and their property taken.

We're not talking just about long ago, because this includes the now as well.

"It's hell here!"
Frightened for their families, many tried to head to the United States, a guilty party in the turmoil, to seek safer homes.

But they instead encounter the United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).

You only have to look at today's headlines to see the horrors being waged on the border, as families are separated, children starved and sexually abused in concentration camps, and the growing death count.

Some would say this has always been the practice of the white man, a claim that is quite true. It's their way.

However, no Indigenous People should be aiding and abetting the abuses being waged on those at the Southern Border.

Yet some are.

The Cherokee Nation have joined the great evil occurring on the Southern Border.   

Cherokee Nation Management & Consulting (CNMC) states on their website "Cherokee Nation Management & Consulting is owned by Cherokee Nation Businesses – the economic engine of Cherokee Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. One-hundred percent of the company’s profits supports future business investments and the well-being of the tribe’s citizens through health care, education and job creation, ensuring better lives for Cherokees today and tomorrow."

In a Sludge database covering from 2010 up to June 2019, CNMC is showing to have been paid $18,659,264 from the CBP.

We also found evidence that three months ago the CNMC was on Linkedin searching for a Facilities Operations Specialist in El Paso, who would be working with the CBP.

That job search came just nine months after Cherokee Nation’s Principal Chief Bill Baker openly criticized President Donald Trump's executive order that allows for migrant families, including Indigenous families, to be held in detention indefinitely.

It should be noted that United States Congressman Markwayne Mullin, an Oklahoma Republican, is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, who has come down strongly against migrants coming to the Southern Border and in support of Trump's wall.

Cherokee Trail of Tears
Like all Native Americans in the United States, the Cherokee were not made U.S. citizens until 1924, did not gain civil rights until 1968, and were not allowed to practice their religion until 1978.

Within what's now the U.S. borders, the Cherokee were a Southeastern Woodlands tribe that was forcibly relocated from Georgia to Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) beginning in 1838.

Their arduous journey of being forced from their homeland was part of what became known as the Trail of Tears.

In the later 19th and early 20th Centuries the Cherokee endured multiple family separations, as U.S. policy saw their children removed from their homes and placed into residential schools known for their horrible practices and forced assimilation methods. 

Thus, it is very sad that the Cherokee Nation is now helping to detain their Indigenous brothers and sisters, while separating families, at the U.S. Southern Border.

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