Monday, July 1, 2019

Fueled by Patriot Prayer's Facebook, killer Joe Vinci threatens slaughter in Portland, Oregon

A Portland, Oregon tattoo artist named Joseph Dymond Vinci, age 49, who has already killed a homeless man, is trying to push his Titans of Liberty and Proud Boys friends into conducting a bloodbath on the streets of that city.

Hate Trackers obtained the following screen grabs on the Facebook profile of Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson. Those posts are from June 29, 2019.

Vinci is alluding to a scheduled attack on antifascists to occur on August 17th in which the Titans of Liberty and Proud Boys, who are known for their political violence, plan to hunt antifa members on the streets of Portland.

Joe Biggs
Joe Biggs (RamboBiggs on Twitter) is an unhinged Neanderthal  that has reported for InfoWars. He's known mainly for his embarrassing and false reporting over 2015's Operation Jade Helm - a kooky conspiracy theory that claimed U.S. soldiers were training to round up firearms and execute American dissidents.

The two groups mentioned by name - Titans of Liberty and Proud Boys - are closely connected. The Titans was founded by Proud Boy Jason Lo in Florida.

Joe Biggs is also a resident of Florida.

UPDATE: Biggs' Twitter account was suspended on July 2nd.

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, resides in the Sunshine State as well.

Clearly, they want to bring their own political violence from Florida to a city in Oregon that's already dealing with enough of it already. courtesy of Patriot Prayer and the local Proud Boys.

In one of his posts Biggs "We will be holding a rally..." so it's clear he's not going to be there as a journalist.

From what we've reviewed, Biggs is the one promoting the Portland attack throughout social media that has incited Joe Vinci.

Vinci's chest beating for a slaughter should be taken seriously.

He's already killed at least one man.

According to the Willamette Weekly, Vinci shot and killed a homeless man named Richard Hanley, age 38, in the parking lot of the tattoo artist's business.

That report states, "It was shortly after noon, and Hanley had been loitering in the parking lot of the strip mall where Vinci's tattoo parlor stands, alongside a catering company. The woman who manages the caterer asked Hanley to move away from her business, and Hanley threw a plastic lint roller at her.

"Vinci came outside and started hitting Hanley with an ASP brand retractable baton. Hanley pulled out a knife and Vinci grabbed the pistol from his hip. He plugged Hanley once through the chest. Hanley died moments later."

It continues, "Vinci told police: "I dropped my ASP, and I grabbed my weapon, and I stopped the threat."

"A half-dozen bystanders witnessed what happened. Some told police they'd watched the unnecessary murder of a homeless man. Others told investigators it looked as if a threatened business owner had justifiably defended himself and his neighbors.

"Vinci was never arrested or charged with a crime. Two weeks later, a Portland grand jury declined to indict him."

Now Vinci is wanting another bloodbath...and he isn't the only one.

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