Saturday, October 5, 2019

2019 - The Year of the Indigenous

Water warrior Autumn Peltier

I declared 2017 the Year of the Women and 2018 the Year of the Children, as each had risen up and demanded they be heard with #metoo and March for Our Lives.

I'm calling 2019 the Year of the Indigenous.

The Indigenous have been slowly rising and hit their stride this year. Democratic candidates are engaging with tribes and analysts claim that the Indigenous vote could sway next year's election.

Movements are afoot to end the use of racist stereotypes as school mascots.

Many tribes have earned wealth, which translates to power.

When the Oklahoma governor tried to extort money from the tribes here, they told him to sit his ass down.

The warriors from Standing Rock continue and similar actions spread to Hawaii this year, as a sacred mountain was protected. Indigenous in Oklahoma took allies to block off a military base to stop them from using it as a concentration camp for migrant children. They were successful.

Child water warrior Autumn Peltier has become extremely popular around the world.

Outrage over children in cages and the treatment of the Indigenous at the border helped the public learn the long evil history of family separations, residential schools, and children dying in U.S. custody.

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women finally became a national issue with Congress starting to take action.

That's the short list. There's so much more that could be stated. The Indigenous have risen to demand they be heard, given full sovereignty, be treated fairly, and receive justice.

2019 The Year of the Indigenous!

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