Thursday, August 29, 2019

Hiwaymen's Head Grifter Trashes His Followers, Seeks New Patriots on YouTube, and Ends Up In Obscurity

Tacky Doodle Dandy Billy Sessions, aka Billy Helton 

Billy Sessions of the Arkansas-based hate group the Hiwaymen is claiming he's abandoned Facebook and is now exclusively working off YouTube.

The reality, however, is Facebook has become a less-than-friendly platform for him, as internal conflict within the group along with very credible allegations of embezzlement has forced him to flee and find new parties to con out of money.

Also, Sessions has driven away many supporters by attacking them for not sending him enough money to go do "patriot shit", while members of the Hiwaymen are at each other's throats as everything falls to pieces around them.

Donations to Sessions plummeted, when it was discovered that he and Hiwaymen co-founder James Del Brock were a pair of unemployed grifters, who spent the donations on themselves, so they wouldn't have to work. 

According to Hiwaymen departing the group, a lot of the money followers sent in was used for booze, pills, and personal bills. 

That tidbit was revealed by the gossipy wife of current Hiwaymen Scott T. Harris, aka Gravedigger, who was tattling the group's internal secrets to the wrong people. 

Sessions is now leary of Harris and his wife, which may explain why Gravedigger has started his own group called the Appalachian Mountain Patriots.

James Del Brock
Then donations hit rock bottom, when an elderly woman accused the pair of grifters of conning her out of $8,000. 

She claimed they worked on her until she gave them the money to buy a van, so that the Hiwaymen could travel and protect Confederate monuments.

Instead, they used the money for themselves.

Former Hiwaymen Kevin Holland, who left the group in a rage after accusing Sessions and Brock of being swindlers with addiction issues, claims that the duo needs to be in jail for ripping off a senior citizen.

Holland and his wife Misty have since started showing up with a pro-life group and been spotted protesting at Planned Parenthood.

In history, Highwaymen (that's the correct spelling) were bandits, who traveled around robbing people. 

As it turns out, the Hiwaymen are indeed Highwaymen. 

The outlaws had money schemes on their minds from their first showing in Charlottesville two years ago.

Sessions' drinking and unstable behavior has also caused people to turn away from the Hiwaymen.

Other members have taken to spreading info to the public about Billy's diminishing behavior, which has seen him go off in unfettered rages, often fueled with alcohol, where he threatens violence on people he dislikes.

On May 27, 2019, Sessions did his nightly live stream on Facebook, while allegedly drunk. The video is a series of rages ranging from Confederate monuments to parenting.

The Hiwaymen, co-founded by Del Brock and Billy Sessions (real name Billy Helton), first got attention in 2017 at the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville where neo-Nazi James Fields, Jr. drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters killing Heather Heyer.

They attempted to get in with larger white nationalist and patriot groups, but beyond a few minor Confederate groups and Patriot Prayer, no one wanted to deal with the Hiwaymen.

Sessions is considered a pariah inside the Patriot Movement. Most other groups think of him as a silly clown, who only embarrasses their causes and is more concerned about getting publicity for himself than anything. 

In turn, Sessions frequently attacks groups like the Oath Keepers and III Percenters, who have cold shouldered him.    

With dwindling support coming from his suspicious Facebook followers, Sessions fled to YouTube in order do his videos and plea for funding. 

That's not working out too well. As you can see from the screen grab, he's getting very few viewers. His announcement about leaving YouTube received 498 hits, which is the largest audience he's been able to draw. Usually, he's getting around 150 people viewing his content. 

In his farewell to Facebook stream, Sessions makes it clear he's done with his former marks followers - what was left of them - and is now looking for new rubes followers in greener pastures. 

Despite his claims in the above video from two days ago that he has not been on Facebook for a week, the Billy Sessions & the Hiwaymen page has been frequently updated during that span of time. 

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