Saturday, August 10, 2019

Racist "negro babies" sign pops up on building front in Rush Springs, Oklahoma

Photos via Okla Moni on Facebook

A building in the town of Rush Springs, Oklahoma is letting their hatred of Democrats and Planned Parenthood known, while invoking "negro babies".

The structure looks like a bar with signs in the window, but we're being told it is not one. Enlarging the photo shows the signs say "Ford" "Open" and such.

Locals have told us that the building is a shop of some sort that isn't a public business. The owner uses it mainly as a gathering place for friends and to tinker on old cars. They also said the city manager and city attorney have investigated, but due to free speech issues their hands are tied.

Rush Springs is the site of a popular annual watermelon festival, which is happening today. It was founded in 1899 and has about 1,300 residents.

Hate Trackers is gathering more details and have reached out to the witnesses taking the provided photographs, as well as Rush Springs City Manager

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